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January 26, 2022

Brand Awareness with Giveaway: our solution for PROXIMA

Awareness with Giveaway

At the moment, giveaways seem to be the most popular and appreciated Social Contest format. It is not a coincidence that many companies multiply the posts dedicated to this kind of initiative on their Instagram or Facebook pages. If you are wondering why Giveaways are so successful, we might have some interesting information for you. In fact, these kinds of contests guarantee a 34% conversion rate, the highest compared to all other types of contests. Moreover, accounts that organize Giveaways earn followers with higher speed (70%) than competitors who do not.

There are various ways in which participants take part to the contest. Among these is the possibility to fill out a form with email and other personal data or to comment an Instagram/Facebook post. Between the two, the second seems the most effective and engaging.           
Our Monitoring solution allows companies to exploit the so-called Comment Picker’s potential. Let’s dive deeper into the heart of the matter and see how it works.


The Comment Picker is easy to use and very effective, especially for obtaining good Brand Awareness and  Customer Engagement and interesting results in terms of organic visualizations and fanbase increasement.
The Comment Picker is simple to use. Companies will invite users to:

In these few steps the brand gains visibility, of course, but there is a lot more to consider. Thanks to the Giveaway Comment Picker, companies can also increase sales. There are often branded products or a special edition of them as awards. Users who participate in the contest without success might still decide to buy these products influenced by the desire to win them. Furthermore, if you look at the 2021 Giveaway Contests trends, it is interesting to see that 62% of participants share the Giveaway not only with friends they tag in the dedicated post, but also with others, inviting them to participate and triggering a rich lead generation process.


From October to December 2021, we worked together with PROXIMA agency in order to organize and manage a Giveaway Comment Picker contest for the “Il Leone” shopping center.
The Contest was divided into three parts over a timeframe of three weeks. At the end of each week, a participant was randomly chosen as the winner of a 500€ gift card.
To create publicity around the contest, Proxima involved influencers and advertised the initiative on different brands’ social profiles through dedicated stories and posts that users could comment on tagging two friends.

Engagement with Giveaway


Monitoring is our own social listening and data analytics platform. Thanks to its technologies, we can easily collect and analyze comments left by users and pick the random and final draw of the winner. The Monitoring solution makes the Comment Picking functionality easy to use. In addition, it offers brands a differentiating service if compared to competitors, who more often choose the compilation of a form as a way of letting users participate in contests.

Therefore, choosing our solution means relying on a complete, competent, and innovative service that allows brands to engage their consumers and achieve outstanding results in customer engagement, lead generation, sales, and fanbase increase.

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