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September 13, 2022

Bit2win: a landmark for each country

Bit2win a landmark for each country

Bit2win is an Italian company established in 2011 with the aim of guiding companies through a path of digital transformation, with innovative tools designed to meet every industry’s needs.

Over the years, Bit2win increased its knowledge and skills, as well as the resources that every day are used to improve our platforms. Thus, we bagan to extend our borders beyond Italy to enter in new markets and learn about other countries’ trends.

Bit2win in different countries

Bit2win in the German market: an increasingly consolidated presence

Bit2win’s presence in Germany is no surprise. In fact, here the digital commerce market is booming, especially after the pandemic that has redefined the logic and purchasing habits of consumers. What does Bit2win offer to German companies? In addition to a CPQ solution designed to meet the vertical needs of individual industries (energy, utility, telco, retail, automotive, manufacturing), Bit2win focuses on a range of products that cover the entire sales and purchase process. 

Since all these solutions must be aligned and configured according to the German market’s needs, Bit2win has expanded its team by involving two industry specialists: Arnold Aschbauer and Arnout Bakker. The goal is to offer companies innovative solutions that can really improve and simplify business processes, as well as allowing the establishment of long-term relationships with customers.

Bit2win offer in the Spanish market

To date, Spain is the fifth largest European economy in terms of market size, with consistent growth also in the digital market. The elements that have pushed Bit2win to enter the Spanish market are significant characteristics of this country: new market trends encourage companies to adopt digital technologies to be more productive and competitive; the country has a high percentage of companies that use ERP software; trends record an evolution in consumer behavior since customers want to be involved throughout the purchase process and receive a personalized offer.

For all these reasons, Bit2win decided to enter the Spanish market and expand its customer base, already formed by major companies such as Telefonica. The goal was to offer brands the necessary tools to complete a path of digital transformation.

Beyond Europe: Bit2win solutions in Latin America

Being the largest economy in Latin America with over 210 million inhabitants, Brazil is the fourth largest market in the world by number of internet users. The consistent use of digital technology results in an e-commerce market that exceeds 25 billion dollars. We’re talking about highly digitized companies that over the years have understood the value of digital transformation by focusing on new business models. For this reason, Bit2win has decided to export its solutions and win the trust of a truly innovative country. 

In addition, changes in consumer behavior and the desire to live experiences mean that Bit2win solutions bring significant value to the customers of each company. How?

In 2022 Bit2win lands on the UK market

After Italy, Germany, Spain and Brazil, Bit2win also reaches the UK market with an expert contact, David Brown, who will help brands in each sector in choosing the best solution to meet their specific needs. 

The UK has always guided the evolution and the company industrialisation process. Today, it is also relevant for digitalization. The UK is the most advanced e-commerce market in Europe. In 2020, UK consumers spent £141.33 billion ($180.39 billion) in this market, an increase of 34.7% over 2019. As a result, the online shopping landscape in the UK is getting richer with more and more consumers choosing to shop online. So, based on this data, how important is it to be online for a company that wants to survive in this era? To respond to these specific trends, Bit2win brings all its expertise to bear with an innovative and customizable platform, suitable for the B2B and B2C market.

Explore the Bit2win Omnichannel Sales Suite

An ecosystem of 3 components that complete one another form the basis of our comprehensive suite.
Satisfy every business need and simplify your processes, boosting sales and customer relationships with an all-in-one solution.

Our OMNICHANNEL SALES SUITE is composed of 3 different platforms that can all be managed separately. Each module has distinct capabilities and can be integrated with any CRM you have.

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