Bit2win acquires Datalytics and expands the Customer Engagement offer.

October 15, 2021

Bit2win acquires Datalytics, the technology company expert in Customer Engagement solutions

Bit2win acquires Datalytics

Bit2win goes through its first acquisition with the aim of enhancing proprietary resources and tools and expanding its Customer Engagement offer with innovative gamification solutions and an omnichannel customer experience.

Bit2win merges its technological and professional skills with those of Datalytics, a company specialized in phygital solutions that involve customers with immersive Gamification and Social Contest activities. A merging process that derives both from the desire to grow and the need to respond to a constantly evolving context.

Datalytics was established by Davide Feltoni Gurini (CEO) and Marco Caruso (CTO) in 2014 and offers fully customizable technologies with the aim of activating consumers and converting them into loyal customers. The company owns a suite with solutions that perfectly fits within the Bit2win landscape, integrating and expanding its offer.

Infact, Bit2win Customer Engagement allows companies of B2B and B2C sectors to create an engaging customer experience through loyalty programs and personalized relationships.
Thanks to the acquisition of Datalytics’ skills and know-how, the Bit2win solution is enriched with two important products:

Engage is the software that allows brands to build a customized experience for its clients. It includes the display of User Generated Content on all devices or touch points available, from maxi-screen to Out of Home system.
Furthermore, the MISE certified platform allows companies to independently manage social media and digital contests in formats such as “Quiz”, “Buy & Win”, “Play & Win”.

WhatsApp Enterprise in the Retail sector represents a revolutionary solution for Customer Experience. It offers consumers a fast personal shopping service to purchase products directly from their smartphone. Whatsapp Enterprise also allows retailers to use a single verified number and to employ human operators to manage inbound requests, both increasing and improving the online sales process. The solution also represents a new outbound marketing channel, useful to send customers promotional messages.

Therefore, Datalytics’ takeover expands Bit2win’s offer by updating Customer Engagement platforms and practices, offering customers the opportunity of modernizing their processes and being competitive in the current scenario.

Davide Feltoni Gurini (CEO of Datalytics) and Andrea Galbiati (CEO of Bit2win) agree that this acquisition will have a strong impact on the corporate strategic plan, allowing the two companies to combine their skills, to offer a complete service and to represent the top of mind choice in the target markets.

Andrea Galbiati, CEO and Founder Bit2win.

Datalytics takeover represents an added value for Bit2win, thanks to the new solutions that will enrich our suite. We will be even more competitive, in continuously evolving sectors, with the aim of responding to the needs of the market and taking our business to a higher level. Aware that today experiences are an essential element for all companies that want to capture customers’ attention, we have decided to increase our Customer Engagement solution with revolutionary products. The future of Bit2Win is now and together we can realize great ideas.

Davide Feltoni Gurini, CEO and Co-Founder Datalytics.

I believe Datalytics’ acquisition represents an important and stimulating opportunity for both companies. Datalytics has always believed in a business model that makes collaboration, modernization and desire to offer increasingly innovative solutions its strengths and in Bit2win we have found the same enthusiasm. In the current scenario, consumers are more and more demanding. At the end of the customer journey they prefer to purchase real experiences and not just physical products. Thus, I believe Datalytics’ tools and Bit2win’s skills can really take Customer Engagement to another level together, engaging and retaining consumers as never before.

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