January 5, 2022

Bit2win CPQ: the main capabilities of 2021

Bit2win CPQ

Online selling certainly offers many advantages for companies, but at the same time creates even more fierce competition. The ability of making strategic pricing decisions and keeping up with customer expectations is a distinctive element and an added value for companies. With Bit2win CPQ you can meet these needs with the configure-price-quote technology that generates optimized and error-free prices, even when you want to apply complex discounts or subscriptions.

During 2021 we enriched our CPQ with new capabilities.
Let's find out together what we are talking about.


The consumer is at the center of any company’s sales strategy. Thus, Bit2win CPQ allows you to retain customers with unique and personalized promotions, increasing product sales.


With the Price Waterfall, which can be administratively enabled/disabled, we streamline the pricing process. You can obtain the net price using the markup or the automatic margin calculation, as well as customizing the tool by introducing your own logic.


Companies can offer customers the option to pay for purchases in instalments according to the default payment model. An opportunity not only for those who buy but also for companies that will increase their sales, generating an average value on the highest order.


With Asset History we facilitate post-sales processes and we support the sales manager's activity. This tool displays all changes made over time to an asset and, for each, it identifies what has been changed.


Customer care is our priority. For this reason, through the management of the versioning and revising process of opportunities, quotes and orders, it is possible to make customers different proposals within the same negotiation. This allows you to generate multiple versions of a commercial offer and modify an order until the request is sent to external systems.


We help you plan your sales with framework agreements, which are used to negotiate business transactions, select quantities or map metrics. This allows you to create agreements with customers where product configurations for future orders are defined and blocked.


Starting from the Bit2win’s Administration Console, you can access the Post Sales Administration to define the post sales processes and customize the product ordering process.


We offer the possibility to translate our solution according to customer needs.

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