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June 23, 2022

Discover the Bit2win Experience

Bit2win Experience

We are inclined to imagine change as a process to which we must adapt, almost without a choice. A slow path with quite a few obstacles for which, perhaps, we were not prepared. But could change be gradual and come with early warning signs? In reality, by the time we realize that something is evolving, the process of change is already underway.

That is what has happened with digital transformation. As much as we’d like to pretend that it is a distant shore on the calm horizon, the truth is that only those who have understood its potential now will be able to continue the journey and cross the sea. Everyone else will have to overcome considerable hurdles to avoid falling prey to the waves: acknowledging that digital transformation is already happening.

All you have to do now is to equip your crew with everything you need to face the storm: new skills, new professionals, new dreamers.

The idea that the path to digital transformation is complicated and, at times, impossible very often discourages one from getting started. There is a tendency to think that reaching the ultimate goal is utopian because of many obstacles. First and foremost is the lack of appropriate skills. Stop for a moment and ask yourself what you need, look around, involve all the necessary resources, and define your strategy now. However, the variables that can disrupt plans do not end there. Just think of people’s behavior in recent years and their habits after experiencing a pandemic. They, too, are looking for new experiences: speed, personalization, engagement, and ease of use. You know how important it is to satisfy them, and you also know that the only way not to lose them is to redefine the approaches and adapt to the changes.

It is a journey, the one toward digital transformation, that will enable you to better respond to your customers’ needs. Their buying behavior has changed dramatically in recent years, and the digital transformation of companies has become a fundamental process. Therefore, it is necessary to equip yourself with the right tools. We offer you the Bit2win Omnichannel Sales Suite, a fully modular, integrated, cloud-native solution suitable not only for companies that want to embark on this new path but also for those who have already started the digital transformation process and want to supplement their strategy with spot solutions to carry out individual activities for the benefit of the company.

Now the question is:

Are you ready to evolve and explore a world where business goals truly meet customer needs? If the answer is yes, get ready for the Bit2win Experience.

All that’s left is for you to take the first steps on a journey that, nonetheless, requires the help of experts to make the best of it. Their role will be crucial for you to have an incredible experience toward digital transformation. They will accompany you every step of the way, getting to know your reality and listening to your needs. Based on agile methodology, the team of experts will offer you support in choosing and implementing the best solution.

Providing the possibility of online shopping is not enough. You need to be able to make product search easy and intuitive. That is why the Bit2win Commerce Platform was created to optimize the user experience with a fully customized e-commerce. A solution is suitable not only for the B2C world but especially for B2B, where partners and resellers are increasingly looking for a consumer-like experience. However, this is often not enough. Many companies aim to speed up sales processes and offer users a product catalog in line with their needs. With the CPQ Platform, you can simplify quote creation, order management, and after-sales support, thus reducing time to market. But there is still more. How has consumer behavior changed, and what do they want from companies? People don’t want to be classified simply as customers; they want to go on a journey, and you can consider them key companions in the adventure you are on. So what can you offer them to keep them by your side? With the Engage Platform, you can immerse them in the experience and win their loyalty through loyalty and coupon solutions, gamification, conversational marketing, and social listening.

The Bit2win Experience allows you to reach your destination and achieve digital transformation, the goal that seemed so far out of reach. It’s a journey that will remain etched in your memory and that of your customers because that’s what we’re all about: providing an innovative experience that enables companies to engage consumers and better meet their expectations. What will you find upon arrival? The change you so feared and that, thanks to Bit2win, you have been able to confront head-on.

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