August 30, 2021

Bit2win launches the Challenge for the development of a 3D solution.

Registration is open for the Bit2win Challenge, the competition which aims to identify the best 3D solution to integrate into the suite. The challenge is to develop a solution for the 3D visualization of the products in the catalog. You can participate individually or as a team. The Challenge was launched in collaboration with blendX, an Open Innovation platform that guides and accelerates interactions and matching between organizations and innovators. Bit2win focuses on the talent of young developers so that its suite has a solution – in the form of a plugin or integration with the multicloud platform – capable of responding to some needs:

  • In the case of physical goods, simple or complex, it is necessary to view the product in 3D format with size optimization;
  • In the case of complex products, the solution must be able to update the image of the product based on the user’s choice by changing color, material, size, etc;
  • The Bit2win product catalog must be integrated with the solution to make all the loaded products visible in 3D;
  • The solution must ensure scalability and high performance in line with the user experience of the Bit2win platform;
  • Ability to create virtual / augmented reality features.
  • The Challenge Bit2win opportunity for those who want to get involved, take part in an innovative challenge and win a direct partnership in the company.

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