Bit2win on Microsoft Marketplace

April 1, 2022

Bit2win lands on Azure Microsoft Marketplace

bit2win on microsoft marketplace

Bit2win Omnichannel Sales Suite lands on the Azure Microsoft Marketplace. The Suite consists of three different solutions companies can manage separately and integrate with any CRM. A modular product to meet specific business needs and simplify processes, increasing sales and improving customer relationships with an all-in-one solution. Among Bit2win’s solutions there is a CPQ software, recognized as “Visionary” in the Gartner CPQ Magic Quadrant 2021.


The two solutions have different features: wealth of information and versatility (CRM), agility and speed (CPQ). Therefore, they are complementary solutions that work in different stages of the sales cycle. A CRM alone, however, doesn’t concretely support the “Business Momentum” which is the interaction with the Customer. And yet we know that the time factor is crucial to executing and closing the negotiation.

Integrating our CPQ into Microsoft Dynamics CRM, companies obtain great benefits both for themselves and for their end customers. The integration of the two tools allows to save time when building the offers and preparing the contracts, also reducing the risk of manual mistakes. It will also be possible to focus on customers at 360°, improving and taking better care of the brand-customer relationship. But there’s more. Integrating our CPQ in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM, means giving companies the opportunity to speed up all the activities that come after the order: the CPQ can import data relating to quotes or products that are directly sold within the CRM, tracing all the stages of the sales process and avoiding any kind of congestion. 

Thus, when the CPQ is integrated with the company CRM, departments easily share data with each other, the processes between vendors and other business departments become harmonious and companies can offer tailored solutions, managing the negotiations in a personalized way.

bit2win on microsoft marketplace


Recognized by Gartner as “Visionary” in the CPQ Magic Quadrant 2021, the Bit2win CPQ is a multi-cloud-native solution for Salesforce and can be integrated with Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud, based on the use of data models that allow it to propose a vertical platform for individual industries. The capabilities of the CPQ are continuously updated to keep up with the specific needs of the industry and the agile approach allows experts to incorporate customer inputs, integrate them into the solution and offer efficient software in all its features. Bit2win CPQ allows companies to configure products and evaluate the best offer based on customers’ needs. It is a ready-to-use solution or can be integrated with any e-commerce thanks to the 100% First API technology. Let’s see what are the main features of the Bit2win CPQ:

The platform allows you to use all the features on any channel thanks to the centralized product catalog and a rules engine based on API technology.

It is possible to use the single components according to a “Lego” logic, combining products, attributes, families in simple, complex and bundled offers.

High transaction/user volumes can be managed without impacting performance with a hyperscale platform-based architecture.

Service creation environment’s UX and UI are designed and built for direct use by the company team with no need for any code development.

The CPQ is a tool to maximize sales and the effectiveness of sales people’s work. It therefore assumes a fundamental role in the companies as it allows the management of the negotiation and the conclusion of the contract. From a consumer perspective, the CPQ simplifies the configuration of the offer, ensuring a better customer experience. Unlike other tools, it is a software that allows companies to sell directly, configuring the ideal product/ service based on the needs expressed by the customer.


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