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November 12, 2021

Black Friday: an opportunity to increase Customer Engagement

Black Friday - Bit2win

Black Friday has become one of the most important events worldwide. During this period, brands take advantage of marketing strategies and actions to increase customer engagement and retain occasional users.

Born in the USA during the ‘80s, Black Friday has progressively spread all over the world, becoming the perfect opportunity for shopping at affordable prices. The event occurs on the Friday following Thanksgiving Day, a holiday that in the United States of America is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November.
Black Friday 2021 is scheduled for the 26th of this month. Though, in recent years, especially following Covid-19, the event continues for entire weeks. During this period companies offer customers discounts, promotions and coupons applicable to a variegate range of products. As stated by Criteo, in 2020 the increase in sales occurred in the days before and after Black Friday, with a global increase of 17% on an annual basis. This shows how companies have extended their promotions to a longer period, not limiting them just to Friday. Over the last decade, the US tradition of Black Friday has expanded globally, driven by the growth of eCommerce platforms and new consumer purchasing habits. In this context, brands aim to intercept as much users as possible to increase leads and sales, engage occasional consumers and transform them into loyal customers. Therefore, the keyword is Customer Experience and it is essential to identify tools and solutions to offer customers an original and engaging purchasing experience.

Here are some ideas to apply Bit2win Customer Engagement solutions in contexts such as Black Friday:


The “Buy & Win” is one of the most widespread gamification format and it is no coincidence that many companies are already choosing to use it in order to increase the the Customer Engagement of their clients or to attract new ones.       
Let’s see how it works. The users is engaged in a very simple way: against the purchase of one or more products, they are invited to sign up to a specific landing page and to upload the proof of purchase. In this way, they immediately find out whether they are winner or not. 
By the way, users’ registration allows brands to collect important and valuable information about consumers, which could then be used in marketing campaigns or to send tailored promotions.      

As an example, Bit2win employed this format with its client Olio Costa d’Oro, with the aim of increasing both brand awareness and sales through an online campaign. Consumers were invited to buy a bottle of Olio Costa d’Oro and to upload the receipt on a landing page specifically created for the occasion. Then, they could win prizes on a daily or weekly basis and participate in the final draw.      
The results were excellent both in terms of sales and visits on the website.         
Therefore, Black Friday can represent a good opportunity not only to increase sales through the application of discounts, but also to increase the likelihood of consumers remembering brands, involving them in truly engaging activities. For example, against the purchase of a discounted product during Black Friday, companies could ask consumers to upload their receipt on a landing page to try and win a branded prize or a coupon for future purchases.

Black Friday


The “Photo Contest” is another Customer Engagement format that can easily be applied in a context such as Black Friday. 
In this case, users are invited to take a photo with the purchased product, share it on social media using a specific hashtag and sign up on a dedicated landing page. 
Then, by filling out a form they can find out whether they have been selected as winners or not. Imagine to apply attractive discounts on some of your products to take advantage of Black Friday. 
Why not also try to reach the further goal of increasing customer engagement? Especially in a situation when consumers are most likely to get in touch with your brand.

Let’s make another example: you could think of asking those who bought a product during Black Friday to share a photo of it on social media platforms and tag your brand to have the opportunity of gaining rewards or further discounts.     
Bit2win has applied this strategy for its customer Caffè Borbone, with excellent results on lead generation, web page views and shared campaign hashtags.

In conclusion, the appointment with Black Friday can be an important opportunity to enhance customer engagement with innovative Gamification solutions.            
Brands could actually make the most out of this incredibly anticipated commercial event not only to increase sales, but also to revolutionize your clients’ shopping experience.

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