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Bit2win a landmark for each country

Bit2win: a landmark for each country

Bit2win is an Italian company established in 2011 with the aim of guiding companies through a path of digital transformation, with innovative tools designed to meet every industry’s needs. Over the years, Bit2win increased its knowledge and skills, as well as the resources that every day are used to improve our platforms. Thus, we baganRead more

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bit2win on microsoft marketplace

Bit2win lands on Azure Microsoft Marketplace

Bit2win Omnichannel Sales Suite lands on the Azure Microsoft Marketplace. The Suite consists of three different solutions companies can manage separately and integrate with any CRM. A modular product to meet specific business needs and simplify processes, increasing sales and improving customer relationships with an all-in-one solution. Among Bit2win’s solutions there is a CPQ software,Read more

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Double interview

Double interview: let’s know Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini better

After Datalytic’s acquisition, Bit2win decided to do a double interview with Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini, to give them the opportunity of telling something more about themselves and to deepen the specific reasons that led to this merging process. But let’s deal with the specifics and know better the two respondents.  Name and corporateRead more

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Bit2win acquires Datalytics

Bit2win acquires Datalytics, the technology company expert in Customer Engagement solutions

Bit2win goes through its first acquisition with the aim of enhancing proprietary resources and tools and expanding its Customer Engagement offer with innovative gamification solutions and an omnichannel customer experience. Bit2win merges its technological and professional skills with those of Datalytics, a company specialized in phygital solutions that involve customers with immersive Gamification and SocialRead more

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