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December 17, 2021

4 tips to manage Christmas Shopping in an efficient and innovative way

Christmas Shopping

Purchasing habits changed during the pandemic and have now become established among consumers. According to consumers’ purchasing behaviour forecasts, 21% of Italians will buy Christmas gifts online.

Christmas Pulse research, carried out by Teads – The Global Media Platform, shows how new technologies changed the profile of Italian consumers: 21% of respondents choose digital as the first channel to make purchases, while 45% expect to buy both online and in store. But how can companies be prepared and what strategies should they put in place for Christmas Shopping? Last year brands have already activated different purchase options and this year they must try to better meet users’ needs, designing strategies to engage the digital consumer and using the right tools to create a simple and personalized shopping experience.


Companies who want to stand out from competitors, should create a loyalty program that guarantees a special and meaningful experience. Given the high number of users who will purchase Christmas gifts online, it is important to develop engaging strategies by sending, for example, personalized messages. WhatsApp Enterprise is the new digital channel that allows companies to increase sales and interact with customers quickly and efficiently. The solution allows you to increase sales with a personal shopper experience and manage the sending of promotional notifications to consumers. Just think that 1.3 million people use WhatsApp every day as a communication channel. The most popular messaging platform in the world can become a strategic tool for companies too.


In the last two years, there was an increase in companies’ need to invest in online tools in order to retain their customers through virtual, conversational and emotional experiences. Brands use gamification tools to engage their community, an increasingly widespread strategy and an excellent opportunity to strengthen the relationship with customers also during Christmas Shopping. Bit2win offers different formats of gamification, innovative and customizable, managed through certified technologies. The aim is to offer companies “turnkey” solutions such as social wall, photo contest, instant win, quiz.


Managing orders during Christmastime can be very challenging, so companies need to equip themselves with tools that allow to meet customers’ expectations. Bit2win’s CPQ solution enables fast order and quote management, allowing customers to receive gifts on time. The sales team can configure products quickly and securely without the need for technical support. This solution was created to design and manage more quotations avoiding incorrect or inaccurate configurations. In this way, even during the Christmas holidays companies can manage orders and improve their profits.


In 2020 there was an exponential growth in digital commerce, a significant trend for the years to come. Data show that even in 2021 many users will buy their Christmas gifts online and it is important to know how to meet their expectations. Therefore, companies must be able to guarantee a multi-channel and personalized service with a quick management of commercial offers, discounts and promotions. Bit2win CPQ is the integrated solution with Customer Engagement tools and loyalty features, coupons and vouchers that improves customer satisfaction thanks to a personalized service. The promotion engine integrated in the CPQ solution, offers the flexibility to implement marketing department’s needs through the creation of discounts and bonuses, configurable in duration and quantity.

Therefore, Christmas shopping represents an excellent opportunity to retain customers’ loyalty, offer them personalized solutions and an efficient service. it is important to know how to plan sales and use the right tools to give value to your customers.

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