February 8, 2022

CPQ: the latest news on the subject


Today, we will talk about the latest trends and news about CPQ. The Configure, Price & Quote world is going through a period of continuous changes and developments, and we know the importance of keeping up with new trends and solutions. So, our idea is to provide you with useful and interesting information about CPQ: industry trends, customers’ expectations, and how we meet their needs. Let’s start!

Most CPQ Vendors grew considerably over the last 12 months, but at the same time, competition has increased. Some interesting research highlights that many CPQ Vendors have high growth expectations for 2022 (25-75% year over year). But how do you stand out in the market and satisfy customer requests? We will now introduce you to the latest and highly demanded features and functions for CPQ.

CPQ latest trends: automation plays a key role

As one of CPQ Vendors, we continuously try to develop specific features and functions to offer a fully automated Sales Process. We are talking about the so-called “smart selling”, to increase productivity while providing customers with a more efficient and easy-to-use service. But what do we mean by “automated sales process”? Here at Bit2win, we offer a CPQ Solution capable of analyzing both current and historical data in the Sales Process, setting up a tailored quote for each customer, and then sending it to them with no human intervention. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? But there’s more!

The importance of offering an up-to-date solution

To meet customer needs, we are proud to say that Bit2win offers a complete and constantly updated CPQ solution. Customers demand a continuous commitment from companies that have to offer quality products. This is why we release three updates per year (one every 4 months). We want to give our clients the opportunity of using a well-thought-out solution, offering them the best and most efficient product we can.

Want to know more about the CPQ releases in 2021? Find out all the details and be ready for more updates to come!

CPQ: why you need it for your company

CPQ applications often work well if implemented in CRM platforms and other business technology to ensure both integrated data and accuracy. In general, we would say that you need a CPQ to make your company life easier, but obviously, you expect us to be more specific. So, here we go with some crucial reasons why you need a CPQ: 

CPQ enables companies to formalize rules and pricing, embracing a standardized approach in the entire company. Thanks to CPQ, you will obtain automated selling suggestions to increase both the average quote and the order size.

Thanks to CPQ, you will never have to worry about possible mistakes. CPQ delivers accurate quotes, reducing errors by 35%.

CPQ’s automation allows companies to offer customers tailored quotes, simplifying the quotation process and guaranteeing a quick delivery.

Sales representatives want to offer customers different options and pricing when delivering quotes. However, in order to do so, they often have to sift through hundreds of spreadsheets before finding the right pricing rules and proposing the quote. Using CPQ, you can avoid this uncomfortable situation by establishing pre-programmed rules.

Have we convinced you?
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