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Michele Mangafà
Chief Technology Officer

Michele leads Bit2win’s engineering team with his 20 years experience in this sector.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about technology
  • Experience systems architect
  • High level competence in technical advisor

Gaetano Viola
Chief Service Manager

Gaetano supports clients in their digital transformation with Bit2win solutions.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Solution architect expertise
  • Business and integration management
  • Long experience in consulting

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Bit2win CPQ has the same roadmap for all the cloud platforms supported.

The Bit2win CPQ is modular; it is possible to buy a subset of capabilities depending on the customer’s needs.

Bit2win platform is natively designed API first, so it’s very simple to integrate other systems using standard REST protocols.

No, all the Bit2win CPQ applications are entirely designed and developed by our engineering team.

Yes, Bit2win CPQ is designed for high levels of scalability. The microservice architecture can be easily scaled by leveraging the capabilities of the underlying cloud provider.

Management of complex catalogs and products; eligibility, compatibility, and complex pricing based on a proprietary business rule engine; easy to use commercial promotions; asset-based ordering.

The implementation of Bit2win CPQ is typically a very smooth process; the required timeframe is of months not years. Moreover, the Bit2win expert service team can be hired to provide advanced support if needed.

Bit2win CPQ runs on major cloud platforms like Salesforce, Google, and Azure and so the different applications leverage all the enterprise capabilities provided by the cloud vendors in order to guarantee the level of security expected by the customers.

All the Bit2win CPQ capabilities are available as a set of standard REST microservices, so it’s very simple to implement custom connectors at the project level.

The Bit2win CPQ is a general-purpose platform that can be configured to implement different business scenarios. Nevertheless, the Bit2win CPQ has a number of features and out-of-the-box processes for specific industries like Telco & Utilities.

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