June 2, 2021

CPQ Solution: trends and challenges according to Andrea Galbiati – CEO & Founder Bit2win

Andrea Galbati, CEO and Founder of Bit2win, explains how Bit2win’s CPQ solution was born and the objectives the company intends to achieve in the coming months. Economist with over 20 years of experience, in 2009 Andrea Galbiati decides to join the New Energy Group as a partner and in 2011 he is a protagonist in the rebranding process. New Energy would no longer be just a consulting company but inside there would be a software division. And this is how Bit2win was born in 2011.


In 2012 New Energy Group, a system integrator operating in Italy and Spain, creates a vertical software product on the Salesforce platform. The initial aim was to understand how to apply the CPQ solution to various industries: utility, telco, financial. This is how the Bit2win platform was born.
In 2016 New Energy Group and Bit2win are acquired by Accenture Technology and in 2020 Bit2win enters the portfolio of Gellify, a B2B innovation platform that invests in innovative startups and connects them to traditional companies. In this new phase of life Bit2win intends to respond to the needs that have emerged in the current context, providing companies with solutions with which to undertake a digital transformation path.
The CPQ solution is 100% native on the Salesforce platform and represents a real sales cloud suit that covers the entire multichannel sales cycle: product configuration, creation of complex catalogs, price definition, order management, subscription sales.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed our habits and this has also had repercussions on companies that have shown greater attention to digitalization and multi-channel sales. Trends we want to respond to with a package of solutions designed for specific sectors such as telco, utility, energy, retail. The innovative platforms are: Symphony and Loyalty & Coupon.

Symphony is the process orchestration platform that allows you to monitor each individual workflow and connect data, through synergistic and synoptic tools, while maintaining a detailed history of execution. The goal is to modernize the company with more efficient functions and solutions that adapt to the individual sector. Its architecture based on Heroku uses a code system for the management of complex incoming call scenarios. Symphony is a solution used mainly with Salesforce and Bit2win but can be integrated with any system compatible with Rest API web services.

Loyalty & Coupon is Bit2win’s loyalty solution that allows companies to create an immersive experience for the customer and deepen the analysis of the data collected on the various sales channels. Designed for small and large businesses, Bit2win Loyalty Solution is an application that includes the management of customer registrations and the redemption of rewards and discounts.

All three solutions – CPQ, Symphony, Loyalty & Coupon – are connected to each other.


The first advantage is the rule engine. From the beginning we decided to use a rule engine for our CPQ, specifically designed for product configuration. In this way it was possible to create a platform designed specifically for the individual sector and to manage customer demand in a different way.
The second advantage is that it is an omnichannel solution that facilitates the user experience. The product is designed to be used on digital commerce platforms, mobile applications, salesforce channels. The solution therefore integrates seamlessly with existing technology.


Our goal is to become a software company and create an ecosystem of partners capable of implementing Bit2win around the world. Work is currently underway to relaunch the product with sector-specific capabilities and give the brand a new identity. The company is also expanding the team with new highly qualified resources and in the coming months the aim is to double the number of hires. With this strategy Bit2win intends to become the market leader in Configure Price Quote (CPQ) applications.

To find out more, listen to the interview by Frank Sohn of Novus CPQ Consulting who had our CEO Andrea Galbiati as a guest.

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