Customer Engagement with Buy&Win: Bit2win for olio Costa d'Oro

January 14, 2022

Our solution for olio Costa d’Oro: the Buy&Win contest to boost Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement with Buy&Win is the Bit2win’s solution for the brand Costa d’Oro. It involved  the Italian National Football Team and we take advantage of its foundation’s anniversary to talk about this interesting case. In fact, the national football team was born on January the 13th, 1910 and for 112 years it unites and makes the Italian people dream as few other things can do. Let’s find out together more about this engaging case study.


Olio Costa D’Oro was established in 1968 on the famous Umbrian hills. Its name comes from the local term “costa”, which means hill. It pays tribute to the beautiful golden landscapes of one of the Italian most famous  oil producing regions. Quality is the main value for the brand, which in fact, in 1996, is one of the first companies, both in Italy and worldwide, to obtain the ISO 9002 certification.
In the period between March and September 2021, the brand aimed to increase the sales of its products, the brand awareness and the customer engagement through some original and involving activities.


The “Buy & Win” Gamification format is very popular and allows companies both to engage their customers and attract new ones. If you are looking for an interesting and simple solution to surprise your customers and be sure they will remind your brand, Buy&Win is what you need.
Let’s see how it works. When purchasing one or more brand products, participants are invited to register on a dedicated landing page and upload their proof of purchase. In this way they can immediately find out if they win or not. Furthermore, users’ registration allows the brand to collect important information about its customers, which can then be used in marketing campaigns or to send personalized promotions. For this specific occasion, Bit2win organized a Buy&win contest for Olio Costa D’Oro, also building up a dedicated mini-site. Besides, Bit2in took advantage of its partnership with the Italian National Football Team during the 2021 European Football Championship to offer fantastic and interesting prizes.

Customer Engagement with Buy&Win

But what was the contest about? Users were invited to buy a bottle of Costa d’Oro oil and upload the proof of purchase on the dedicated landing page. In this way, customers had the chance to win prizes both daily and weekly, also taking part in the final draw. Among the awards available, in addition to an annual supply of Costa d’Oro oil, there also were the official bag and backpack of the National Footbal Team. Finally, to increase the customer engagement, Bit2win planned a further gamification activity. In fact, users could also upload their own photo on the mini-site and obtain a personalized card where they wore the official National Football Team jersey.

Bit2win’s technologies allowed the brand not only to reach the stated goals, but also to achieve excellent results in terms of unique users involved, new customers acquired and number of visits to the website.

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