January 7, 2022

Customer Journey: the solution to improve the brand-customer relationship

Customer Journey

Among the most common questions asked by companies, certainly there is how to build a lasting brand-customer relationship. We are in an increasingly competitive environment and brands must be able to stand out. They have to make customers remind them, even when receiving continuous and countless stimuli. How? Building a good Customer Journey can be the winning strategy.

Customer Journey means all the activities that consumers do when they get in touch with a company and its products. Along the way, customers will go through several stages and will make contact with the brand in different ways. Eventually, this process can lead them to the final choice of purchase or not. However, it is important to consider that the Customer Journey does not end with the eventual purchase of the product. In fact, it includes all the actions that customers can carry out, both online and offline, after the transaction. As an example, the contact with the customer service to receive after-sales assistance or the reviews about the tested product. Let’s find out in detail what are the stages that make up this path.

Customer Journey


Usually we divide the Customer Journey in five different stages. Each of these phase has the final objective to lead the customer towards an increasing engaging and satisfying relationship with the brand.

    In this first step, customers are looking for a solution to a problem or for a product that satisfies their needs. Therefore, they approach the offer of different companies. We are talking about the first touchpoint between the company and its potential customers. Thus, in this moment activities that increase lead generation become crucial.

    Customers are now in contact with newly discovered companies and they recognize these firms’ effective ability to respond to their needs.

    At this stage, customers begin to select, among the brands initially discovered, those who can best meet their needs. So, this is the right time to get closer to the customers by providing clear information about the benefits that a product or a service can offer.

    In this step, customers have made their decision, but they have not yet concluded the purchase. In order to ensure that a real conversion takes place, companies will then have to pay particular attention to costumers, maintaining clear and consistent communication.

    The latter phase is certainly the most delicate one. We have reached the after-sale time, when the purchase has already happened and companies need to convince the customer to choose their brand also in the future. In fact, a loyal customer buys more frequently and is willing to spend more in comparison with a new customer. It is then necessary to implement targeted customer retention strategies. Among these, for example, a well-designed customer engagement program could really make a difference. A loyal customer will indeed become even more involved if stimulated with engaging initiatives.


Building a Customer Journey Map literally means mapping the path of the customers while they are making a purchase. It is a valuable tool for companies because it allows them to assess the customer experience’s quality and build lasting relationships.
But how do you draw a Customer Journey Map?

One of Customer Journey Map’s main benefits is that it allows to identify the points and obstacles that mark the discontinuity in the brand-customer relationship. Identifying and solving the crucial aspects of this relationship allows the user to live a fluid and positive shopping experience.


All companies, both large and medium-small, can benefit from a clear visualization of the Customer Journey. In fact, it makes it possible not only to achieve the set objectives, but also to identify the aspects that need improvement and transform them into strengths.       
The experience that the brand offers its customers is the distinctive and fundamental element to create a faithful and lasting relationship. To win customers’ trust it is necessary to know how to listen, know needs, desires and behaviors. These capabilities will offer them pleasant experiences, from the phase of the brand’s discovery to the after-sale one.

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