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Expert Teams

Our team of experienced and innovative experts will guide you through your Live Demo and will be ready to answer questions and personalize offers for you on the spot.

Our Expert teams in: 

Michele Mangafà
Chief Technology Officer

Michele leads Bit2win’s engineering team with his 20 years experience in this sector.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about technology
  • Experience systems architect
  • High level competence in technical advisor

Gaetano Viola
Chief Service Manager

Gaetano supports clients companies in their digital transformation with Bit2win solutions.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Solution architect expertise
  • Business and integration management
  • Long experience in consulting

Alessandro Agnati
Group Director at Ydea Agency

Alessandro manages and guides all the Design activities relates to the commerce Platform.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about the new trends of design
  • Brand strategist, digital adv, MKTG, and communication

Giacinto Mozzetta
 Chief Product Marketing Officer

Giacinto manages the building of Bit2win’s solutions and coordinates the Product Marketing and communication Team.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • 20 years of multi-cultural and customer-facing experiences
  • CRM and IT focused
  • Creative and forward-thinking

Davide Feltoni Gurini
Head of Customer Engagement Platform

Davide manages and guides all the activities relates to the Customer Engagement Platform.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about new technology
  • Curious about Big Data applications
  • Ability to share competencies and know-how

Mauro Vecchio
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Mauro is the Project Management Team coordinator.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Marketing enthusiast
  • Pre-sales in business development experience
  • Lead generation activities management