Double interview with Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini

November 5, 2021

Double interview: let’s know Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini better

Double interview

After Datalytic’s acquisition, Bit2win decided to do a double interview with Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini, to give them the opportunity of telling something more about themselves and to deepen the specific reasons that led to this merging process. But let’s deal with the specifics and know better the two respondents. 

Name and corporate role

Davide Feltoni Gurini is responsible for the Customer Engagement platform in Bit2win.
Right after earning a Ph.D on Artificial Intelligence applied to Recommender Systems in Social Media at the University of Roma Tre, in 2014 he became Co-founder of Datalytics. There he worked on real-time Customer Engagement and Data Visualization solutions’ offer for brands, events and marketing campaigns, until, in 2021, he accepted the acquisition by Bit2win, thus establishing a more concrete partnership that has been active for several years.

Andrea Galbiati is CEO and Founder of Bit2win. His career began with a degree in Business Administration at the Bocconi University in Milan. Prior to Bit2win, he was a Managing Partner at New Energy Group and held leadership positions at Oracle and Siebel. Andrea has acquired a deep knowledge of CRM & CRX Consulting, culminated in 2011 with the birth of Bit2win, a 100% cloud based product.

What is your motto?

“Go Rome!” and “Go Inter!” are Davide and Andrea’s mottos. They clearly are  two very professional but also easy-going people. They never miss an opportunity to joke with colleagues and collaborators, even about football preferences!
These features certainly marry Bit2win’s vision on the importance of building together a work environment surrounded by good and healthy competition, in which everyone can contribute to the success of the company in a serene way and feeling at ease.

Describe yourself highlighting a strength and a weakness

Davide and Andrea describe themselves with the words“Incurable optimist” and “stubborn”. Apparently, they always look on the bright side and they are constantly searching for perfection.
They talk about being stubborn as a flaw, but in business world it is a peculiarity that can lead people not to give up before difficulties and to look at every challenge as a stimulating goal to achieve.

Now choose a word to describe your colleague

Davide chooses the word “priceless” to describe Andrea, a person whose value cannot be quantified. And in these words is clear Davide’s esteem for his colleague and the desire to work together on more and more innovative solutions.
On the other hand, to Andrea, Davide is a very young talent, with a truly remarkable wealth of experience. A visionary person who, at the age of 36, gave birth to a technology company which plays, on the national market, a key role in the Digital Transformation process of important brands.

What do you love the most about your job?

When someone is really passionate about his work it is difficult to answer concisely to a question of this kind.
Andrea has identified change as the driving force behind his passion, a continuous evolution that we can only find in the IT world. And in this characteristic Bit2win’s CEO finds inspiration to lead his company.
On the other hand, Davide finds particular satisfaction in seeing that the solutions offered to customers, which are always built from scratch according to their specific requests, lead the firm to the desired results. We agree with him: solving problems by offering innovative products and services, designed and tailored for customers’needs, is one of Bit2win’s main objectives.

A movie, a book or the title of a song that describes your business life

Davide and Andrea choose two great music classics to describe their corporate life: “Nothing else matters” by Metallica for Davide and “We are the champions” by The Queen for Andrea.
“Trust I seek and I find in you, every day for us something new, open mind for a different view and nothing else matters” sing Metallica. These few lines tell us a lot about Davide’s approach to work and, above all, about how much potential and trust he sees and places in the company. Every day there are different challenges and, when it comes to work, nothing else matters, except to think and stay always open to new ideas, collaborating to transform them in real solutions.
Besides, in Queen’s words Andrea finds the daily inspiration behind his corporate vision and we dare anyone to say the opposite: “We are the champions, my friends. And we’ll keep on fighting till the end. We are the champions. We are the champions. No time for losers. ‘Cause we are the champions of the World ”, a hymn for all those people who see their work as a benefit for colleagues and customers.

How did you come up with the idea of merging the two firms?

Bit2win and Datalytics have been collaborating for many years and the merge took place through a path based on the value that each company could give to the other. So, Datalytics’ acquisition led to the integration between the already offered solutions by Bit2win and Datalytics’ innovative Customer Engagement and Gamification tools.
Datalytics’ experience in creating solutions that can help customers increase engagement and Bit2win’s skills have seen the M&A process as a natural and almost mandatory choice to offer an even more complete service on the market.

What are the goals Bit2win wants to achieve with this acquisition and what is the added value that Datalytics will offer?

By integrating the Datalytics tools into its suite, Bit2win aims to become a reference player in the field of Customer Engagement. Thus, Datalytics’ entry expands the Bit2win offer, giving customers the opportunity to revolutionize their processes and be competitive in the current context. Gamification solutions add engaging formats such as “instant win, buy & win, quiz” to Bit2win’s Customer Engagement package, which allow brands to engage consumers in personalized experiences, to increase lead generation and to improve the customer experience. Furthermore, thanks to Datalytics, Bit2win becomes the official provider of WhatsApp Enterprise, offering its customers the possibility of increasing remote sales and managing consumer requests in a simple and efficient way.

So, the key word of this M&A process is “Customer Engagement”, let's think about the future. What solutions would Bit2win offer in 2 years?

“We want to revolutionize the consumer shopping experience”, with these words the respondents describe the company’s future projection. In the current situation, consumers are more and more connected and they always look for a 360-degree shopping experience, which gives them the opportunity to find information on brands / products and finalize purchases not only in physical stores, but also on touch points of different nature. In 2 years Andrea and Davide imagine Bit2win as a provider of phygital solutions, easily adaptable to both the physical and digital world, for a better and more satisfying customer experience. A commitment to work on omnichannel solutions that can contribute to the evolution of purchasing processes.

We have reached the end of the interview, what do you want to ask your colleague?

Davide imagines he has a flight ticket and wonders where Andrea would take him. The desire to explore new paths is always high and this is the right spirit to work in Bit2win. An approach that, in addition to being visionary, is embodied in Andrea’s professional experience and in his future-oriented question: “Davide, what are estimates for sales in the year 2022?”. It is hard to predict now; the promise of both respondents is that Bit2win will certainly continue to strive to bring to the market solutions that can revolutionize the customer experience.

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