The Bit2win
Engage Platform
keeps the ball rolling

The easiest way to engage your customers and generate new leads. Leave the first footprint with new clients and draw them into your business’s field of gravity with exciting engagement content.



Bit2wins Loyalty boosts customer lifecycle value through clever promotions and reward programs.

UGC & Social Media

Make the most of your social channels. Leverage contests and user-generated content to build trust and increase awareness and engagement.

Instant Win Contest

Bring back the fun with entertaining Instant Win solutions. Games and contests, exciting rewards and benefits connect your customers with your brand.

Omnichannel Communications Solutions

Transform your Customer Experience with an omnichannel platform that offers new personalized conversational journeys to generate remote sales and personal shopping through Instant Messaging channels.

Social listening & monitoring

A social and web listening platform to analyze billions of customer conversations on brands, products, and campaigns. Monitor your reputation and discover new influencers to measure your digital impact in real-time.

What does ENGAGE PLATFORM stand for?

Increase customer lifetime value with our interactive engagement platform. Leverage the flexible omnichannel solution to engage and build loyalty with your customers on every device and touchpoint. The platform can be used fully integrated in the Bit2win suite or as a modular component.

Davide Feltoni

Manages and guides all the activities related to the Engage Platform

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