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Make social and digital intelligence a key component of your business success.

Bit2win offers a powerful tool to listen to billions of customer conversations, on social media, blogs, and websites to measure data and protect your brand. Discover how it can help you with:

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Coop Italia’s aim is to monitor in real-time all social media and online conversations about different product lines and marketing campaigns during the year. The Bit2win Customer Intelligence platform offers Coop Italia the opportunity to collect user comments and opinions about their shopping in the GDO sector. The brand can also track different KPIs from social properties and competition. A special configuration allows Coop Italia to monitor different marketing campaigns like Una buona spesa può cambiare il mondo.


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The goal is to monitor all social media and web customer conversations before and after the first opening in real-time. Thanks to the Bit2win Customer Intelligence dashboard, Green Pea can listen to every comment or opinion on social media like Facebook or online forums. The Bit2win dashboard is configured to track all Green Pea social channels’ KPI, allowing the brand to monitor fanbase and post interaction trends. A special reporting service collects every national press release and web article containing selected keywords.


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How does it work?

Configure a self-service dashboard choosing your keywords and social properties

Launch your social and web listening project collecting data in real-time from your sources

Export data and KPI in different file formats and create advanced reports to monitor your brand and competition

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Advanced sentiment and semantic analysis algorithm


Keyword and hashtag listening in the main European languages


Social channels KPI monitoring and advanced campaigns analysis from sponsored and influencer content


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Frequently Asked Questions

For social listening, the networks that our solution allows you to monitor are Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
For performance monitoring, however, it is possible to monitor all proprietary and non-proprietary accounts of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok. On LinkedIn, it is possible to monitor only proprietary company accounts, which are managed directly by the brand.

Our solution allows you to monitor web and press sources, consisting of major newspapers, blogs, and forums. It is also possible to include specific sources in the monitoring (e.g., blogs of the main influencers in the automotive field).

Network listening and content collection follow different rules for each social. On Instagram, the only way to do it is through hashtag monitoring. On Facebook – for privacy reasons – you can only monitor public pages. On Twitter, on the other hand, it is possible to monitor all content in which a specific user is mentioned.

Yes, but since it is private data, it can only be viewed for proprietary accounts, and therefore managed directly by the brand.

Yes, you can export data in .xls and .csv format and images in .png. Additionally, Bit2win provides consulting services for the production of periodic reports with qualitative and quantitative data analysis.