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BUY&WIN module

With our Buy & Win module, the participants can upload their receipt after a purchase and discover whether they have won a reward right away.

Bit2win offers an easy and fast solution to increase sales and new leads. Build your own Buy & Win contests with randomized draws and discover how it can help you with:


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Mustela’s goal is to increase customer engagement and sales in specific product categories for the 70-year anniversary campaign. Bit2win organizes a Buy & Win contest inviting Mustela’s customers to purchase two products and win special prizes. Customers are redirected to a landing page where they can leave their personal data and upload the receipt to access Instant Win.


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How does it work?

Your customer can upload their receipt immediately after shopping

After uploading the receipt, the participant immediately discovers whether they have won a reward

Send out a personalized email with all information about how to receive the reward

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Optical Character Recognition technology reads and validates customer receipts


Easily embedded into your website, landing page and WhatsApp account


Prizes are randomly assigned by our certified Instant Win software


WhatsApp Integration

Contest Manager

Integrated Analytics

Personalized emails

Google analytic integration

Custom domain & form

Sell out tracking

Why you should choose the Bit2win Buy&Win solutions:

Our success stories

Curious? Eager to learn more?

Discover how our Buy & Win can boost engagement and loyalty!

Frequently Asked Questions

The prize draw is an event where one or more prizes are randomly assigned only to certain participants, while in the reward program all participants are entitled to receive a prize in return for the purchase or sale of one or more goods or services.

The preparation of the rule book is compulsory for all prize draws and reward programs, however, in the latter, in one specific case, this obligation is lifted, namely, when all participants receive a benefit without being required to make a purchase.

For the prize draw, the rules must be sent to the Italian Ministry 15 days before the announcement and the start of the event. For the rewards program, this time constraint does not exist, it is sufficient to send the rulebook to the Ministry even the day before the announcement and the start of the event.

Yes, it is possible to start advertising before the start of the event, but in the case of prize draws, the 15-day advance for sending the rules to the Ministry will no longer refer to the date of the start of the contest, but to the date of the start of advertising of the same.

The mandatory costs to be covered are first and foremost linked to tax charges, consisting of the non-deductible VAT paid on the purchase of goods or services intended as prizes or a 20% substitute tax on the purchase price of goods or services that are not taxable, not subject to or exempt for VAT purposes. In addition, a 25% IRPEF withholding tax is applied on the total value of the prizes up on offer.
Another mandatory cost is the security deposit or surety bond. In both prize draws and reward programs, it is necessary to guarantee the value of the prize pool through a deposit. For contests, 100% of the value must be guaranteed, while for operations, it is sufficient to guarantee 20% of the value of the prize pool estimated.

No, you can’t offer cash prizes, but you can award coupons, vouchers, and discounts to incentivize the purchase of products and services.

OCR technology can digitalize receipts by scanning and recognizing characters (date, time, receipt number, total amount, product list) and converting them into digital format. Thanks to OCR technology, it is possible to automate the verification process of receipts, generally entrusted to human operators, thus saving a lot of resources.

Our automated system will recognize if a user tries to participate by uploading a photo of the same receipt twice and will stop the attempt by saying that the receipt has already been used. The same applies if the user is asked to fill in fields with the details of the receipt instead of uploading a photo of it.