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The Bit2win ENGAGE PLATFORM keeps the ball rolling

The easiest way to engage your customers and generate new leads. Leave the first footprint with new clients and draw them into your business’s field of gravity with exciting engagement content.


Who is it for?

Our ENGAGE PLATFORM is targeted to all those who want to create contests or loyalty programs in line with current trends and their business goals.

Creating a personal and increasingly strong relationship between brand and customer has never been easier!

How does the ENGAGE PLATFORM work?

Discover every aspect of the


Choose your Modules

Choose our modular Engage solutions based on your business and marketing goals.

Identify a Strategy and Touchpoints

Activate your strategy channels and touchpoints to engage your customers.

Create a Customer Journey

Create your end-to-end Customer Journey for a real phygital experience to manage conversions, gain leads, and boost sales.

Measure your success

Analyze the success of your campaign and gain valuable insights.

Main features

Curious? Eager to learn more?

Discover how to engage your clients with the Bit2win ENGAGE platform.

Engagement Promotion Engine

Take off with our powerful Promotion Engine!

Ready for takeoff? Our Promotion Engine allows you to boost engagement and loyalty and take your customers’ life cycle to another dimension with personalized, effective, and scalable promotions.

Run flexible promotion marketing campaigns that perform without wasting development time or marketing money.

Deliver cross-channel promotions to your customers

Unified, targeted, and holistic customer experiences

Track session data from every channel

API-first approach for a unified customer experience

API-first approach for a unified customer experience

Full control with a single centralized system

The most powerful Promotion Engine

Bit2win’s Promotion Engine lets you sync your data in real-time or near real-time to personalize your promotions and boost your performance.

In the Campaign Manager, marketers can create sophisticated promotions without blocking developers by employing simple if-then rules.

Bit2win promotion is endlessly scalable. Connect your customer data, integrate with any 3rd parties and optimize your campaigns on the fly.

Send any of your customer and 3rd party data to the Bit2win promotion software via API connection.

Create targeted promotions with business-specific campaigns.

Choose your rewards wisely with customer-oriented deals.

Integrate customer data, customer sessions, and custom events seamlessly through API and use your data to configure any type of discount campaign.

Handle unexpected load spikes and peaks on a dedicated Kubernetes server cluster. The unique deployment auto-scales to meet your needs.

Protect your sensitive data with user roles, GDPR compliance, and strict data management policies that ensure top-level security.