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: Loyalty Management module

Loyalty management module

Encourage your customers to stay with you for the long haul and increase trust in your brand with enticing loyalty programs and rewards.
Our API-centric, no-code loyalty platform offers flexible solutions to create the perfect loyalty campaign for you!


Easy & Effective

Quick and easy implementation. Thanks to its simple yet effective concept, the loyalty system is easily understood by the end-user.

Artificial Currency

Offering rewards through loyalty programs is cost-effective and easy to manage thanks to an artificial loyalty currency.

Boost Customer
Life Cycles

Incentivize engagement and increase your customer life cycle by rewarding purchases and other actions.

What sets our Loyalty platform apart?

True Omnichannel Solution

Most loyalty solutions on the market only focus on eCommerce. In addition to strong online capabilities, Bit2win offers a variety of in-store technologies to bridge the gap between online and offline, as well as utilizing landing pages and mobile apps.

Experiential Rewards & Exclusivity

Go beyond discount culture and offer customers an unforgettable loyalty experience: set up VIP clubs, challenges, use gamification, and create high-end incentives to encourage brand engagement.

Data-driven & personalized

Enable hyper-personalized communication through deep integrations. Use your loyalty data without leaving your martech environment, and manage the no-code platform without outside help.

Going beyond transactions

Engage customers outside of the buying cycle by rewarding them for non-purchase related interactions such as recycling, interacting with your products, writing reviews, or referring friends.

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Our no-code Loyalty Engine

Bit2win provides a simple yet effective way to increase your customer life cycle

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The goal of this campaign is to create new customer experiences and obtain a new fidelity ecosystem through programs, levels, promotions, benefits, and exclusive services. Bit2win creates different loyalty programs based on targets. For example, the Rinascente Card is dedicated only to customers resident in Italy. Other programs are built for employees, friends, partners, and shareholders.

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Discover how our Loyalty solutions keep your customer in your field of gravitation!

How does it work?

Configure your
loyalty program

Offer customers a Loyalty program with additional benefits and encourage them to spend. Engage customers to move up and receive more privileges

Launch your
loyalty program and enjoy the benefits

Improve customer retention and trust by offering a tailored Loyalty program according to your customers’ needs

Define personalized rewards

Reward your customers with personalized incentives and experiences that best reflect their interactions with your brand

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Why you should choose the Bit2win Loyalty Management module:

Our Loyalty programs

Reward Redemption

In this traditional approach to loyalty, customers earn points for the money they spend. By collecting points to “burn” and turn into discounts, gifts, etc., customers are encouraged to keep purchasing.

How does it work?

Incentivize purchases
& other actions

Give points

Offer a reward


The benefits of Earn & Burn

Earn & Burn loyalty programs treat all customers equally, so there’s no need for further segmentation. When only purchases are rewarded, implementation is quick and simple.

Earn & Burn programs are easily integrated because the rate of reward redemption is limited by the available loyalty currency. Plus, it’s less expensive than a discount system.

To the customer these seem like great deals, even though the reward has a higher perceived value than its actual cost. In addition, points not spent help brands save additional money.

The rule for earn & burn is pretty straightforward: rack up the currency and redeem it in the form of rewards and discounts. This simplicity allows customers to quickly grasp how the system works and start earning points.
your brand’s values.

Since both online and in-store purchases are rewarded, customers are required to identify themselves – either by signing up or by showing their loyalty card.

Progress & Benefit

With a tiered loyalty program, customers gain access to additional benefits by advancing through the ranks. Tiered programs encourage customers to spend and engage more to move up and receive more privileges.

How does it work?

Better benefits & conditions

Even better benefits & conditions


The benefits of Tiered Loyalty

Tiers are associated with benefits that incrementally increase in value. The higher the tier, the better the benefits and the more exclusive the brand experience.

Tier-based programs keep customers interested over a longer period of time. Reaching a higher tier level feels like an achievement, which motivates customers to keep ranking up.

Segment your customer base more effectively: monitor & analyze member activity and interests. Improve the customer experience and provide highly targeted communication.

Psychologically speaking, preventing the loss of something valuable is more impactful than acquiring new things. That’s why members are just as focused on maintaining their current tier as they are on reaching a higher one.

Distinguish your customer experience from your competitors’ with high-tier benefits. The amount of effort required to obtain top tier benefits discourages high spenders from switching.

Play & Unlock

A loyalty program based around challenges to engage customers in a fun and interactive way. The goal is to encourage customers to interact regularly with the brand and form new habits.

How does it work?

Incentivize actions

Assign badges

Award benefits

Encourage engagement

Incentivize actions


The benefits of Gamified Loyalty

Provide a sense of accomplishment by associating each challenge with a reward. To make progress, customers need to repeat actions valuable to your brand, developing new habits.

Each challenge (or badge) is comprised of a set of multiple actions, chosen to fit your business goals. These micro-journeys help you understand how customers prefer to engage with your brand.

In addition to completing challenges and unlocking badges, customers can be given incentives to engage on social media, create and submit their own content, or take gamified quizzes.

By associating incentives with a challenge or a badge, customers have to go on a mission in order to unlock a benefit – just like in a game.

These programs encourage customers to follow your instructions in a fun way, without feeling restricted. Explore how customers respond to your incentives and use that valuable loyalty data later on.

Who is it for?

The benefits of Gamified Loyalty

Target & Engage

Communities are smaller clubs within the loyalty program. They are based on specific topics, interests, or values that are important to your customers, through which you can strengthen your relationship with them.

How does it work?

Benefits & incentivized action relevant to community 1

Benefits & incentivized action relevant to community 2

Benefits & incentivized action relevant to community 3


The benefits of Community Loyalty

Communities aren’t standalone loyalty programs, but instead serve as an add-on to another loyalty program structure, such as Earn & Burn, allowing you to add new touchpoints to your original

The goal of setting up communities is to provide each of your customer segments with an experience that goes beyond transactions, setting you apart from the competition.

Communities can be centered around a popular product, such as a gaming console; a lifestyle or hobby, for example, running or wellness; or even ethical values, like sustainability.

Associate your brand with a sense of belonging by attracting customers with specific interests. Community membership can be free or tied to access criteria.

By targeting a smaller audience with a common interest, you’ll get to know these customers better and be able to provide targeted offers that really resonate.

Mix & Match

A hybrid loyalty program merges two or more types of programs together. Combining multiple elements is often the key to creating a loyalty scheme that fits your business strategy.

How does it work?

Tiered Program

Earn & Burn



The benefits of Hybrid Loyalty

Bypass the limitations of each type of loyalty program and reach your full potential. Start with some functionalities from one type, and mix things up by adding complimentary elements along the way.

Each program type has the power to move different KPIs. With a mixed program, you can easily drive
non-commercial goals, such as supporting your brand

Shape a hybrid loyalty program that really reaches your audience. Optimize your loyalty program over time by introducing elements from various loyalty program structures that resonate with your customers.

Make a lasting impact by introducing features that support your brand’s message. Reward sustainability or an active lifestyle to connect with customers who share
your brand’s values.

Play around with various elements from different program types and see what works. You don’t need to commit to one idea alone – you can always introduce something new.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Bit2win Loyalty Solution provides a full set of point & click administrative tools for the creation of loyalty programs, card templates, loyalty promotions , and coupons so it’s extremely easy to manage all entities of the engage platform.

Currently, only the corporate users can manage the loyalty programs but in the roadmap, there is the capability for the local salespeople or physical point of sales to accept or refuse specific loyalty promotions.

No specific technical skills are required for the administration of the Loyalty Solution, all configuration activities are performed through an easy-to-use admin portal.

Bit2win makes every effort to stay constantly updated in order to always be compliant with current regulations such as the GDPR.