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Show your brand identity and let your followers and customers show their support by adding branded Photo & Video Frames.

Bit2win’s branded Photo & Video Frames let you present your brand identity online and gain new followers to improve your Social Media presence. Discover how they can help you with:

Success story


The goal is to engage fans and empower loyalty during the Christmas holidays. Bit2win creates a special landing page inviting AC Milan supporters to register in the MyMilan area and find different Xmas Cards. Every registered fan can upload a personal photo in the custom frame card and write a Christmas wish. All cards are ready for download and printing.


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Curious? Eager to learn more?

Discover how using our Photo & Video Frame stimulates your customers to get creative and show off their loyalty!

How does it work?

Your participant can upload a photo or video that fits the theme of the campaign

Then, your participants choose a branded frame for their photo or video

Participants can download and share their personalized content

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Create a personalized overlay with the brand’s graphic assets (logo, icons and more)


Manage participants and content before publication to ensure a safe environment and inform participants of possible guideline violations


Collect user-generated content directly from their social media profile


Contest Manager

DOOH Integration

Certified Software

Easy to embed

Custom Domain & Forms

Personalized emails

Google analytics


Integration Analytics

Why you should choose the Bit2win Photo & Video Frame solutions:

Our success stories

Curious? Eager to learn more?

Discover how using our Photo & Video Frame stimulates your customers to get creative and show off their loyalty!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can choose which photos you want to appear on your touchpoint thanks to a quick and easy moderation process, which allows you to view all photos and mark as valid only those you wish to show on your wall.

The content can be integrated on any touchpoint, such as big screens at the stadium, during an event, in stations, digital totems in shopping centers, or at bus stops and other digital solutions in various points of the city.

You can overlay frames and choose an introductory and/or concluding mini-video to add to the uploaded video. For each of these elements the user can choose among the various options made available, for example, choosing one frame rather than another.

All content shared on social networks follow the rules imposed by the individual network. For content uploaded directly to a website, there is a requirement for consent to be given, in which the user declares to be of legal age or to have the permission of a parent/guardian to proceed. In any case, our moderation systems identify any content representing minors and proceed to temporarily block the content until verification.