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Bit2win offers new and immediate ways to stay in touch with your customers. 

Communicate efficiently and directly with your customers and improve their service and sales experience by using the Bit2win Telegram for Business module. Learn how it can help you with:


No Time

Contact your customer whenever you want. Telegram doesn’t set a time limit in which to act.

fully automated

Take advantage of artificial intelligence to communicate automatically with your customers via pre-written welcome messages, FAQs, etc.


Send outbound notifications to your customers about promotions and coupons, service updates, and other news

Customized Bots

Configure as many bots as you need. You can set up a bot for support and FAQs, another for promotional campaigns, etc.


Thanks to integrated geolocation features, sort all incoming chats by point of sale and connect your customers.

Outbound Notifications

Automatically send our personalized offers and promotions via Telegram.

Automated Customer Care

Create a customized journey to support your customers in their needs (e.g., FAQs, post-sales assistance, or e-commerce support).

Large-scale Promotional Campaigns

Share new promotions and discounts with your customers and reach them at no cost within an unlimited time window to send messages (e.g., promotion of the week or free shipping).

Unique Verified Account

Get a verified Telegram account linked to your business, to which all stores and personal shoppers can be linked.


Sort all inbound contacts into configurable channels (shops, locations, etc.).

Configure shortcuts to quickly resolve generic requests (e.g., withdrawal or shipping).

Finalize payments directly on the platform by generating payment links shared with the customer.

Take advantage of template messages to engage with customers by sending automated messages.

Set up automatic messages via chatbot based on rules (ed, times, operator status, etc.).

Collect contact data to create profiled lists with CRM integration.

Assign specific labels to inbound contacts to create customized lists.

Messaging types


Audio Files

Links for Payments

Pictures and Photos


Links to external video calls

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Curious? Eager to learn more?

Discover how Telegram for Business transforms your communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

To activate Telegram for Business, you just need to create a bot and assign a name to it, after that we’re going to create a structure to sort user requests.

Yes, the inbound chat queue can be managed by multiple operators at the same time to ensure efficient management of incoming conversations.

Using our solution, you can activate massive outbound marketing campaigns, sending push notifications to the devices of users who have contacted the brand on Telegram at least once.