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Success story


The goal is to increase remote sales during the Covid-19 lockdown, offering customers a real personal shopping experience. As an official Facebook ISV, Bit2win activates a WhatsApp verified number for Pandora Italy, allowing hundreds of personal shoppers to use a back-end platform and manage all inbound requests from the customer base in real-time. In addition, customers can receive push notifications with new promotions and special discounts directly on their smartphones.


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Klepierre’s goal is to increase the customer drive-to-store with special promotions and coupons to be delivered via Instant Messaging channels. As an official Facebook ISV, Bit2win activates a WhatsApp verified number to be used by different tenants in different shopping malls. Every tenant has the possibility to change their specific promotions every week. They are sent via WhatsApp chatbot and redeemed in-store by showing the chat to a clerk.


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Thanks to integrated geolocation features, sort all incoming chats by point of sale and connect your customers.

Outbound Notifications

Automatically send our personalized offers and promotions via Telegram.

Automated Customer Care

Create a customized journey to support your customers in their needs (e.g., FAQs, post-sales assistance, or e-commerce support).

Large-scale Promotional Campaigns

Share new promotions and discounts with your customers and reach them at no cost within an unlimited time window to send messages (e.g., promotion of the week or free shipping).

Unique Verified Number

Get a verified WhatsApp number linked to your business, to which all stores and personal shoppers can be linked.

Personal Shopper

Offer a personal shopping experience to your customers.

Instant Win Competition

Launch Instant Win contests and let the customer immediately discover if they have won.

Personalization and Setup

Offer instant support managed by human operators and capable chatbots.


Sort all inbound contacts into configurable channels (shops, locations, etc.).

Configure shortcuts to quickly resolve generic requests (e.g., withdrawal or shipping).

Finalize payments directly on the platform by generating payment links shared with the customer.

Take advantage of template messages to engage with customers by sending automated messages.

Set up automatic messages via chatbot based on rules (ed, times, operator status, etc.).

Collect contact data to create profiled lists with CRM integration.

Assign specific labels to inbound contacts to create customized lists.

Messaging types

Text Messages

Audio Files

Links for payments

Pictures and Photos


Links to external Videos calls


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Curious? Eager to learn more?

Discover how Whatsapp Enterprise can facilitate your communication.

Frequently Asked Questions

To activate the number, you need the Business Manager ID of the Facebook page you want to link the account to and a phone number (landline or mobile).

Almost all. Excluded are organizations involved in terrorist activities or activities of organized crime, as well as all businesses that intend to transact tobacco products and related accessories, alcohol, animals, adult products or services, betting services involving real money, digital or subscription services, among others. For the full list see the WhatsApp sales regulations:


Organizations that primarily publish news and current affairs content must be registered as “News Pages” on Facebook in order to activate WhatsApp Enterprise.

WhatsApp Enterprise imposes a 24-hour time limit on companies to respond, in order to protect users from receiving promotional or other messages when they contact a company unless they provide explicit consent.

Yes, it is possible to launch outbound campaigns on WhatsApp, thanks to the mass mailing of a template message to all users who have provided explicit consent to be contacted on WhatsApp by the company.

An outbound notification is any push message sent to a user. A template message is a paid message containing content that must be approved by WhatsApp before it can be sent to the user via push. On WhatsApp Enterprise, you can only send template messages and, more importantly, only to users who have given explicit consent.

MACs (Monthly Active Contacts) are contacts who have had one or more interactions with the company. A single end-user can be counted as multiple MACs when they post at different times in the current month and when they interact via multiple channels (e.g., WhatsApp and Telegram).