Customer Engagement on New Year's Eve: Bit2win for Bicocca Village

December 31, 2021

How to engage customers on New Year’s eve: Bit2win for Bicocca Village

customer engagement on new year's eve

Customer Engagement solutions on New Year’s Eve are often exploited by companies, especially those belonging to the world of entertainment, to involve customers in a different way than usual.  
In fact, not a few firms organize themed events that contribute not only to increase customer experience, but also to boost sales or brand awareness.

As an example, we can mention the interesting case about the Milanese shopping center Bicocca Village. Although not belonging to the entertainment sector, this shopping center has decided to celebrate the arrival of 2019 by organizing the so called “New Year’s Eve Bicocca Circus”, an event full of shows, entertainment and live music until the countdown and beyond.   
During the evening, which also hosted different people from TV programs, participants were engaged with the offer of gadgets and activities such as ice skating, DJ set and animation.
The aim of the shopping center was to offer participants an high level of entertainment, to increase both brand awareness and sales.


Bit2win’s solutions and expertise allowed Bicocca Village to ensure an evening of great engagement during the event.          
In particular, the participants have been invited to take and share photos on their social media accounts using the branded hashtags #CapodannoBicoccaCircus and #BicoccaVillage. Then, thanks to an auto-reply system, all users who posted contents using the official hashtags received a direct invitation to the event.
Moreover, during New Year’s eve Bi2win created a customized Social Wall to show live all the user generated contents.


The Social Wall, one of Bit2win’s engagement solutions, is a very appreciated format, as it allows brands to engage users, encouraging them to always generate and share new contents.
In this way, customers can actively participate in the creation of brand value and they become the real event’s stars.         
But let’s dive deeper into the heart of this interesting solution and see how it works:

Customer Engagement on New Year's Eve


Thanks to the Social Wall solution and the technologies powered by Bit2win, Bicocca Village has been able to achieve interesting results not only in terms of brand awareness and live engagement, but also and above all in terms of sales’ increasing.
In fact, during the event it was possible to generate continuous interactions. The brand had the opportunity of taking the most of the user generated contents, sharing them through the Social Wall and achieving a significant increase both in participation and conversions.

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