Bit2win for Rinascente

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Bit2win for Rinascente

Supporting loyalty and promotions program with Bit2win engage solutions

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Our goal was to strengthen the relationship with our customers, making them feel closer to the brand. Thanks to Bit2win’s membership program we have succeeded. It has allowed us to meet the demands of different types of customers, offering them discounts and personalized benefits. The market always presents us with new challenges. Being sure that we can count on a partner like Bit2win gives us the confidence to face these challenges with the right tools.

Valentina Torti | HQ Staff & CRM – IT Area Manager @Rinascente 

Valentina Torti 

HQ Staff & CRM – IT Area Manager @Rinascente 

Valentina Torti

HQ Staff & CRM – IT Area Manager @Rinascente


Working with Bit2win

How did you meet Bit2win and how long have you been working together?

Our partnership with Bit2win started in 2019. Their system integrator introduced to us the membership program as one of the key elements of the Salesforce architecture we were designing.

What kind of relationship is that between La Rinascente and Bit2win?

Our relationship is based on customer proximity. We find it a really helpful key element, since the membership program’s management and its promotional components are crucial elements for the business continuity day by day.

Thinking about this path, how would you describe Bit2win based on perceived values?

We would  describe Bit2win as a fast growing business, interested in expanding the components of their offer by taking the most of their experience with customers.



We met the Bit2win team in 2018.


The project started on August 5, 2019.

The relationship with Bit2win was initially mediated by Accenture.


Later the consulting firm decided to make Bit2win’s positioning in the market autonomous. This choice was appreciated by our company as we were able to build a more transparent relationship with Bit2win team.



What are the market challenges you had to face?

La Rinascente, like many other companies, in recent years has found itself facing the challenge of digital transformation. And we have made it, using it to reinforce the concept of Rinascente as a place for unique and exciting experiences.

Once you have identified the challenges, what are your goals and why did you choose Bit2win?

The adoption of Bit2win’s loyalty solutions was part of a bigger project with the goal of rebuilding our CRM. We needed a tool that would guarantee the integration and harmonization of the “RinascenteCard” loyalty program with all the marketing and sales activities we have on various channels (physical stores, e-commerce, conversational commerce).

Digital Transformation 

We wanted the solution to be ready to support the ongoing transformation, keeping to focus on customer centricity, already a crucial part of our approach. 


We have adopted Salesforce for CRM, Customer Service and Marketing automation management, thus we needed a product that would meet these requirements while being natively integrated with this ecosystem. 



Let’s talk about the solution, how does it work and on what channels it has been implemented?


Manage multiple loyalty programs

Loyalty Program 

The most popular loyalty program is the “RinascenteCard”, but we also have a program for foreign customers and one for employees or external collaborators. 

Promotion types 

Bit2win solution also allows us to activate different types of loyalty campaigns, from the classic “Welcome bonus” or “Happy Birthday” to more complex campaigns of up-selling and cross-selling. 

Real time

Besides, we have the advantage of being able to activate these campaigns in real time according to customers’ behavior during their visit to the stores. 


The campaign management 

The involvement of physical stores 

The campaign management part is activated in physical stores through a strong integration with the point of sale system and the portal sales assistants use on mobile devices. This allows us to manage highly customized campaigns, up to a potential one-to-one approach. At the moment, the e-commerce is integrated with the program management part only (subscription, personal data management, etc.) but speaking about the tool, it is possible to integrate it with any touch point.

High-level promotional engine

One of the main successes Bit2win made attainable was allowing us to bring the company to the cloud through a very malleable promotional engine and, something not all promotional engines have, with a connector to Commerce Cloud (Salesforce’s product that we use for the web). Communication is multi-channel and the application of promotions must be guaranteed regardless of the channel used by the customer. This can only be achieved if the same promotional engine gives service to all channels and this was possible thanks to Bit2win.

Cloud solution

Bit2win is a very important central point of our cloud solution, the same solution that allowed us to react to the problems related to the pandemic, with extreme immediacy. Within a week, we enabled about 140 employees to work from home and almost all of the contact center worked directly in the cloud on the Salesforce platform. Bit2win is also open to other systems and this has allowed us to connect all the order acquisition channels with satisfaction.
I like to dwell on the results: last year we had an increase in sales due to the pandemic situation that we were able to manage thanks also to the new architecture and software tools.

In your opinion, what strategic aspects of the solution guarantee the Customer Engagement?

Loyalty for Rinascente is a tool to enhance the relationship with the customer by offering new and different advantages, able to surprise and spoil them. Therefore, the possibility of using loyalty data together with other customer data is crucial to activate real time actions on different channels. Speed is a key element in this scenario.

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What are the most involved business profiles in using the solution and what benefits are they experiencing? 

The CRM team in Rinascente is responsible for loyalty and marketing automation, so it is responsible for all aspects of a campaign, from the ideation to the communication, from the execution to the redemption analysis. For this reason I mainly come up with two benefits:


The ability to work on loyalty using the same interface they use for all other tasks.


The redemption of a loyalty promotion can automatically activate a communication with the customer on the marketing automation tool (Salesforce Marketing Cloud).

What impact have the customer engagement and sales strategy had?

The loyalty program in Rinascente is considered a key element for success in terms of sales. We have a very high percentage of traced sales, even on fields that in the pre-pandemic period had a very strong Italian and international tourist component.

In a sector in constant evolution and with increasingly demanding customers like the Fashion one, why the adoption of a loyalty program is so important?

A membership program allows you to build a long-term relationship with the customer, based on mutual benefit and trust. This aspect will be increasingly relevant for companies given the importance of zero/first party data for marketing strategies. Certainly, to be successful the membership model that you decide to adopt must have elements of freshness compared to the classic loyalty programs to which consumers have long been accustomed.



What is the strategic vision for a future evolution of your business?

For 150 years, Rinascente’s strategy has been focused on adapting to changes in style and in customer needs. In addition, the contemporaneity and the strong connection with the cities where our shops are located are crucial for us. It will be a really inspiring challenge to try and stay consistent with our strategy even in new digital spaces.

What would you expect from a company like Bit2win to face the next challenges?

Surely we expect Bit2win to be ready to accept the requests the customers will make regarding the platform evolution and, obviously, that the asked changes will be quickly realized.

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