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Marco Barra Caracciolo - Head of ICT Country Italy of Enel

We needed a complete multichannel CPQ platform to manage the commercial processes for all our product offerings and across all regions. bit2win is giving us the agility we need, enabling our sales and marketing teams to define new offers and facilitating an automated integration of the customer facing application with our back-end systems, reducing time to market and enabling effective up-sell and cross-sell to deliver a unique journey to our customers.

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Fabrizio Casati - Chief Wholesale Officer


The “Sell and Collaborate” platform adopted by Fastweb Wholesale division is fully build on innovation and agility, some of our core values, that the bit2win suite perfectly expresses. Sales reps are able to manage opportunities efficiently and the customers check service availability autonomously and insert orders easily and quickly. We have also a better control of the end-to-end sales processes and we are able to run several analysis on pricing, sales volumes, products performances, which enables continuous improvement in our offering and service levels.

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Nicolas Howard - CIO of TELEFÓNICA Global Solution

Telefónica has always pursued the idea to give customers the best and most innovative solutions to make communications easier. Today we reach more than 3 million b2b customers across 45 countries  and with bit2win we can give to our enterprise  clients the best customer experience through  our global standardized b2b platform, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty  while  growing sales and having a better control of business from lead to activation, across multiple regions.

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Manuel Lopez Paya - CIO of Másmóvil


This project will help us to be one of the most agile, efficient and scalable operators, providing the best customer experience.












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