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Our powerful allrounder for any business

Our all-in-one solution lets you take your business to the next level! We will accompany you every step of the way and ensure that all your needs are met.

A complete ecosystem designed around your customer’s orbit

An ecosystem of 3 components that complete one another form the basis of our comprehensive suite.
Satisfy every business need and simplify your processes, boosting sales and customer relationships with an all-in-one solution.

Our OMNICHANNEL SALES SUITE is composed of 3 different platforms that can all be managed separately. Each module has distinct capabilities and can be integrated with any CRM you have.

Choose the perfect solution for your business!


Enhance your CRM with our groundbreaking CPQ solution to improve multichannel sales and order management performance.

  • Compatible with any CRM
  • 100% API
  • MICROSERVICE approach

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Elevate the customer experience and win deals with the game-changing Omnichannel solutions.

  • Consumer experience in B2B
  • Quote management with the possibility to configure simple and complex offers
  • Management of price lists and custom sales rules for partners/resellers
  • Invoicing management

Increase your customer engagement with integrated solutions, such as loyalty programs, coupons, and gamification.

  • Loyalty
  • UGC & Social Media
  • Instant Win Contest
  • Omnichannel Communication Solutions
  • Social Listening & Monitoring

The Bit2win OmNichannel SALES SUITE can run on Public Cloud

The Bit2win OMNICHANNEL SALES SUITE is ready to be deployed as full-service performance software on major of public cloud vendor:

The Bit2win OMNICHANNEL SALES SUITE can run on any CRM

Thanks to the 100% API-First technology, you can integrate our solutions with the Salesforce CRM quickly and efficiently. Enjoy the benefits of an intuitive and customizable UI through the use of web components

Complement Microsoft Dynamics and the Odoo CRM with the Bit2win CPQ to accelerate and simplify the generation of quotes. Harness the power of a 100% API-First suite and enjoy the benefits of an intuitive and customizable UI

Implement Bit2win CPQ in the Odoo CRM to render the entire sales process more efficient. Gain all the benefits of a product with 100% API-First technology and customizable UI.

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A new approach to the Omnichannel Sales Suite

Our suite is cloud-native, which allows for easy access and fewer delays. No need to be manually updated or to adapt the entire suite!

The 100% API-First technology makes using, adapting, and re-imagining the different elements intuitive and reliable.
Simply pick the applications your business needs without being confined to the rigid structures typical for other competitor suites.
Use our OMNICHANNEL SALES SUITE on all platforms and devices without worrying about time-consuming and complicated integration.
Take what you need! Whether you can benefit from one or more elements or the entire suite, choose what best serves your business.

Accelerate your core business with ease

Unleash the full power of your business and those of your customers!

With our omnichannel experience that is ready for use in no time, you can accelerate your processes and build a suite according to your needs around your core business.

Customer reviews

"We want to be the B2B Telco Platform of choice of the Hispam enterprises and become the trusted partner for their digital transformation. Long time ago we chose Bit2win as our strategic partner to build our product catalog and CPQ and we are implementing it in our Hispanoamerica B2B operations. We are happy and fell confident because Bit2win has evolved the platform to the next level in the last 9 months. We had a long journey to go and having a trusted and reactive partner like Bit2win is key. Bit2win new CPQ experience has streamlined our ability to manage very complex B2B offer configuration."

Alfonso De Andrés - Director, Desarrollo Comercial y Canales B2B @Telefonica Hispanoamerica

“What we like about bit2win is the flexibility it gives us in setting up product propositions for our customers. As we offer very diverse products from electricity to emobility wallboxes, that can also be combined, flexibility is key. We appreciate the close collaboration between bit2win and E.ON regarding roadmaps and support in our implementation project.”

Matthias Merz - Head of Product & Calculation @E.ON Energie Deutschland

“Our goal was to enhance the relationship with customers, making them feel closer to our brand. With Bit2win, we accomplished this through its membership program, which allowed us to meet the demands of different types of customers by offering them customized discounts and benefits. The market always presents us with new challenges. Knowing that we can count on a partner like Bit2win gives us the confidence to face them head on and with the right tools.”

Valentina Torti - HQ Staff & CRM - IT Area Manager @Rinascente

“The Customer Engagement Platform has allowed us to design and propose highly engaging interactive experiences for fans at the stadium. The simplicity and completeness of the software combined with the strategic partnership created, have allowed us to take Fan Engagement to a higher level.”

Massimo Venneri - Head of CRM & Innovation @ FC Internazionale Milano

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Michele Mangafà
Chief Technology Officer

Michele leads Bit2win’s engineering team with his 20 years experience in this sector.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about technology
  • Experience systems architect
  • High level competence in technical advisor

Gaetano Viola
Chief Service Manager

Gaetano supports clients companies in their digital transformation with Bit2win solutions.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Solution architect expertise
  • Business and integration management
  • Long experience in consulting

Alessandro Agnati
Group Director at Ydea Agency

Alessandro manages and guides all the Design activities relates to the commerce Platform.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about the new trends of design
  • Brand strategist, digital adv, MKTG, and communication

Giacinto Mozzetta
 Chief Product Marketing Officer

Giacinto manages the building of Bit2win’s solutions and coordinates the Product Marketing and communication Team.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • 20 years of multi-cultural and customer-facing experiences
  • CRM and IT focused
  • Creative and forward-thinking

Davide Feltoni Gurini
Head of Customer Engagement Platform

Davide manages and guides all the activities relates to the Customer Engagement Platform.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Passionate about new technology
  • Curious about Big Data applications
  • Ability to share competencies and know-how

Mauro Vecchio
Senior Product Marketing Manager

Mauro is the Project Management Team coordinator.

Skills & Responsabilities

  • Marketing enthusiast
  • Pre-sales in business development experience
  • Lead generation activities management

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Discover how the OMNICHANNEL SALES SUITE can help boost your business.