Social Voting: exploit social virality to increase Customer Engagement

March 25, 2022

SOCIAL VOTING: the Bit2win’s solution that exploits social virality to increase Customer Engagement

Social Voting

On the occasion of the Oscars’ 94th edition, we want to propose to you a very interesting case study based on Bit2win’s Social Voting solution for the television platform Sky.

The Oscars ceremony is becoming more and more social, especially in recent years due to the pandemic. It is a highly anticipated moment for film lovers and experts, but also for those who are anxiously waiting for the most discussed evening of the entertainment world to talk about the actors’ outfits and speeches. But there’s more. The Oscars are an event that many people can exploit to be in the spotlight on social networks. Think about the web traffic that this kind of event usually generates in real-time: rankings, statistics, gifs, memes, surveys, videos and tweets shared by users who increasingly want to say their opinion and share it with their community. Well, companies can certainly take the most of this situation. They can meet users’ need for communication and content sharing while achieving interesting results in terms of
lead generation
and customer engagement. How? Let’s discover together the
solution designed by Bit2win for Sky Cinema Oscar.


Sky had the goal of increasing viewers’ engagement during the Oscars ceremony. What better idea than allowing users to vote their favorite movies and actors among the candidates? Thanks to Bit2win’s Social Voting solution, users were able to vote with a tweet the film or the actor that, according to their tastes, deserved the famous statuette, using the official hashtag #SkyCinemaOscar. Trends about participants’ preferences were displayed in real time on the Sky Cinema website and during the live commentary of the program. For a clearer and more immediate visualization of the data, Bit2win has also created an infographic able to show, in real time, all the updates shared by the participants. Moreover, in the infographics participants could see the more interactive posts and a gallery with the most shared images on Twitter and Instagram.

Social Voting

Bit2win also created a second infographic that allowed viewers to analyze the percentage of voters in real time, also applying the distinction between men and women and ranking them by age group and geographical region.


Today, customer engagement is one of the most critical and important KPIs for companies. Brands are always looking for innovative solutions to get the customers’ attention. According to Gartner, engagement solutions offer brands an easy way to meet the ever-changing customers’ needs, while standing out in the market. Surveys, Q&A and quizzes are among the most performing formats when it comes to achieving these goals. In fact, participants can perform engaging activities in a short time and with little effort, being closer to the brand and having the feeling of becoming an active part of its world. Bit2win’s Social Voting solution takes advantage of this evidence, giving companies the opportunity to engage users quickly and easily. How does it work?

With the Social Voting solution, Bit2win allows companies to multiply users participation, offering an interactive and mobile-first experience. The Bit2win solution exploits the virality of social media and delivers clients new types of surveys and customizable voting experiences to offer to the end user.

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