Social Wall: exploit it to engage customers on Valentine's Day

February 11, 2022

Social Wall for Valentine’s Day: the right solution to engage your customers

Social Wall

We’re almost there, next Monday is Valentine’s Day!
We are all aware that the 14th of February is the day of celebrating love, but to trace the origins of this holiday we have to go back in time. In the 3rd century, Christian martyr Valentino from Terni gave a young lady the money she needed for her wedding, actually saving her from an uncertain future. Presumably from this legend stems the tradition of giving a gift to one’s lover on the 14th of February.
Now, you may have noticed that today lots of companies don’t miss the chance to exploit the marketing potential of Valentine’s Day, trying to engage customers by bringing them closer to the brand. And they should, indeed! There are hundreds of different ways to make the most of this celebration of romance, one of them is our Social Wall solution. Let’s find out more together.


Valentine’s Day is a unique opportunity for brands to implement marketing campaigns and improve both customer engagement and experience. It is true, we should take into account that people may perceive this annual celebration in different ways, but there’s still a lot companies can do to ensure everyone is satisfied with the result of these campaigns.
Customers love a brand that is capable of surprising them with unconventional marketing ideas. Today there are far too many companies on the market trying to gain customers’ attention, so originality is the keyword to keep in  mind! Just as on any other occasion, there are a million ways of using Valentine’s Day to offer discounts, coupons, or, even better, the possibility of personalizing some of your products for the special day. Besides, you could also think about involving your clients with gamification and many other engaging activities. We assure you they will appreciate them much more than anything else. Today everyone is looking for an experience rather than a simple product. Curious to know how to offer them one? Keep reading and discover more about our solution for Urban Vision.


URBAN VISION is a media company and leading fundraiser for the protection of cultural heritage and the requalification of urban areas. Their pride? Digital Out of Home! Urban Vision takes marketing campaigns and advertisements to the heart of urban centers, with innovative solutions that offer both companies and their customers a new frontier of digital communication. The Urban Vision digital network combines the iconic nature of a traditional maxi poster with the flexibility and potential of the Digital Out of Home content visual impact.
So, back in 2021, what was their idea for Valentine’s Day? Let’s find out!


What better occasion than Valentine’s Day to express your love? Urban Vision wondered exactly the same thing!  So, on 13th and 14th of February 2021, the brand launched the #LOVEISONAIR campaign, asking people to express their feelings through a maxi digital out of home format. The call to action was launched on Urban Vision’s social channels. Many users have welcomed the initiative, seeing their photos published both on Urban Vision’s accounts and on Roman and Milanese social walls.
But let’s find out together how Bit2win made these communication campaigns possible thanks to the UGC Social Wall solution:

The campaign launched by Urban Vision has created a direct connection between people, the urban fabric, the web, social and digital outdoor. On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, 176 photos were uploaded in just 5 days, generating an unprecedented engagement rate!

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We talked about how Urban Vision has exploited the potential of Digital Out of Home, but let’s see specifically what it means and how companies can increase engagement with it. The Digital Out of Home Advertising (DOOH) is the type of advertising that relies on outdoor communication through touch screens and digital advertising billboards placed in strategic places such as squares, airports, and public transport stops. Technology offers users an immersive experience and companies can engage a much wider and younger audience than they would with traditional advertising. But DOOH’s benefits don’t stop there. The presence of automation allows brands to update the campaign at different times of the day. Besides, in terms of measurability it is possible to understand how many people have interacted with the promotional message, for how long, and in which points of the city. This helps not only to improve sales performance but also to build customer relationships based on real-world experiences.

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