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Bit2win Solutions

Find out the Solutions that cover the entire cycle of the multi-channel sales process and bring your products or services to market faster.

Enhance performances for Your Industry

Bit2win increases sales, service and marketing agility, operational efficiency and faster time to value for cloud and digital adoption across the enterprise.

Committed to innovation, customer success and a values-driven culture, Bit2win helps your company to improve customer retention, enabling more targeted offers for cross-sales and up-sales.

Bit2win enhances industry-specific and omnichannel capabilities, ensuring higher levels of customers’ loyalty and improving overall profitability.

Based on more than 20 years of experience, Bit2win offers integrated solutions for a smooth transition to Digital Processes.


Configure, Price and Quote Core solution 100% based on Salesforce platform

The solution that helps companies to define, orchestrate and execute business processes, systems and people works and tasks bypassing traditional public cloud limitation.

Cloud base BPM solution that allows to define and efficiently manage processes

The Solution that helps your business to run differently, orchestrating all processes.

Loyalty & Coupon

The new Promotion Platform provide Loyalty and Coupon capabilities to engage consumers

The solution that helps companies to easily create effective loyalty and rewards program, run and manage promotion initiatives and coupon lifecycle, improve customer engagement.

Cloud Software

The Solution that helps service providers in the Configuration, Price, Quote (CPQ).

Native Omnichannel ith pre-built connectors

Like Adobe AEM, Commerce Cloud, Zuora, SAP, Tibco, etc.

Built by CRM, CPQ industry domain Experts

Based on more then 20 years of experience and teamwork expertise.

A Proven Team with a Long Track Record of Success

In vertical industries like, Energy and Utilities, Telco and Retails.

Strategic Partnership with Salesforce

Bit2win is based mainly on Salesforce and the World’s Leading Systems Integrators.

End2end process capabilities

End-to-end process management and global process ownership help ensure first-rate performance in terms of costs, goals, compliance and insights.

Cloud solutions main capabilities

Based on more then 20 years of experience, Bit2win offers you solutions with integrated capabilities aimed to build a successful Digital Transformation.