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Loyalty, engage your Audience

Bit2win Loyalty Solution allows companies to build an engaging customer experience.
Insights and data analysis, collected on different sales channels, enable the building of effective loyalty programs and personalized relationships.

Loyalty and Rewards
Management Application

Bit2win Loyalty Solution is a full Loyalty and Rewards
Management Application for Small and Medium Businesses,
as well as Large businesses, that include Membership Management,
Tier Management and Rewards Accrual/Redemption Management.

Program Foundation

Define the perimeter of the Loyalty Program, such as duration.

Shaping the Program

Define the most suitable Loyalty Scheme for your Customer Base.

1. Tired Based: manage Status and grant access to specific benefits, given the Tier.
2. Spent Based: Loyal Customer earn points based on spent.

Enlive the Program

Set up and manage different
benefit (offers, promotion, services) to keep Loyalty Program interesting and engaging.
Specify a related marketing campaign.


Decide how Loyal Customers will access to program benefits, given different type of criteria and related time elapsed.
Eligibility rules can be based on specific membership cards, tiers.
Exclusivity rules like: exclude other active promotions, priorities.

Loyalty Offer

Set up and manage events that enable Members to benefit from Loyalty Programs (i.e.: discount, services, etc.) by setting T&C (date, duration, one shot, recurring, etc).

Loyalty Cycle

Define criteria behind Loyal Cycle, such as Loyalty Subscription, 1St Purchase, Active Client, external event, etc.

Features and Benefits


Improve customer’s experience and create a reward program with the most effective loyalty program.


Get to know your customers to improve their personnel experience.


Integration of Salesforce solutions to build a personalized relationship.

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