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Symphony BPM
Run Your Business Differently

Bit2win Symphony BPM (Business Process Modeler) Solution allows companies to manage massive and long running transactions, orchestrating all processes by using synergic and synoptic tools, in order to keep every step under control and connect the various data, keeping a detailed history of every single execution.

Create Intelligent Workflows
to Enhance Your Business Processes

Bit2win Symphony BPM Solution is a full Business Process Application that create and orchestrate intelligent workflows for all enterprises team: intelligent workflows can help modernize and make your business run more efficiently.
Bit2win Symphony BPM Solution manage and control every single custom workflows and buildtailor-made solutions that fit your industry: environment functioning, summary processes done and the result in only one tab; deployed directly to the Org we are working, delete the processes that don’t use anymore, check how many processes have failed, and more.

Your Business Process Modeler

Massive and long running transactions are not easy to manage inside Salesforce due to the governor limits of the system.


Heroku based architecture using queues system for managing complex scenarios of incoming calls, developed in Java and node.js libraries in the frontend tools.


It is used mainly in integrations with Salesforce and Bit2win, but is not dependent on them and can be used to integrate any systems compatible with Rest API web services.


It uses standard BPMN2.0 processes and incorporates default connectors to SF, databases and REST calls to any system.


Incorporates a Business Process Modeler that uses javascript and different “connectors” or “boxes” for complex operations to define
complex processes helping the Customer to have directly in the same place the functional view and the code to be executed (i.e Call Salesforce standard and custom rest services, Access to databases).

Symphony BPM has included a bulkify option to convert with no code one single process into a Bulk processing just sending to Symphony BPM a batch of the same call needed by the single one.

History Process

Helps the Integrators to understand the execution of the process and solve issues or improve the process itself. Used also for monitoring this view helps to see all the executions and the details of every execution.

1. Time of every single activity done in the process
2. The activities done, that correspond to each “box” defined in the process, to analyze if the correct path has been done
3. Value of every single variable used in the Process
and stored
4. Summary with final status, total time, error code, error messages, etc.
5. Incoming call body
6. Custom response if created to be sent to the built-in polling service.


Operation Profiles can control Symphony runtime like:
Business processes executed as total or divided by single processes during different periods of time.
Offer graphical representation of all the messages that are arriving to the different queues in real time.

Can see also the active workers running in the system, to check they are performing correctly.


Multitenant architecture, to meet the equilibrium between performance and resources to achieve the requirements of our Customers.

Can manage all our Symphony BPM organizations and configure the access to the different systems that work with it.

Help to achieve the best performing configuration of Symphony BPM resources for their particular requirements.

Features and Benefits


Manage all company processes
quickly, flexibly and collaboratively.


Streamline the lease life cycle.


Keep everyone informed
and involved.


Enjoy flexibility and control.


Enhance the “intangible” value
of the company.


Constantly improves and
standardizes process efficiency.

See what Bit2win Symphony BPM Solution can do for you

Do you want to consolidate, certify business processes, and favor their complete digitalization, but above all maximize productivity and optimize internal organization?

The Bit2win Symphony BPM Solution can help you by improve the flow of use of procedures to enhance individual productivity, promote proper process management and increase safety.
Find out how better processes generate lower costs, higher revenues, more motivated and satisfied customers and employees.