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Full CPQ Suite

The full Bit2win CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)
Suite provides a set of vertical solutions to address the major industries market.
Designed for enterprises that are going through the digitalization of their revenue operations, Bit2win CPQ Solution empowers sales, partners, and customers to configure complex products and services, deliver accurate quotes, and create smarter deals with the most updated
product and pricing information.


It is the leading Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) solution for service providers.
It drastically reduce the number of screens, clicks, and in general simplify the current feature complexity and usability.


It automates the generation
of relevant documents directly
from your CRM system.


Powerful workflow tool to define process flow based, on point and click approach. It’s a lightning wizard configurator to collect and validate data provided by the use.


It enables service providers to map multiple enterprise catalogs such as billing and fulfilment to a single commercial catalog.


The power of the catalog and CPQ to websites or a complete set of microservices in order to expose all the capabilities for use of external systems.


It enables service providers to optimize retail operations by digitizing all store processes.


It captures the customer’s electronic signature through a unique email link approach.

High performing configuration, eligibility and complex pricing criteria

The full CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) Suite has a new generation catalog management, with high performing configuration browser rule engine, supporting eligibility compatibility and complex pricing criteria.

Bit2win CPQ Solution is designed to create a unified and complete customer’s experience.

To exceed customer expectations, insights are needed.

Bit2win business designers apply design thinking to keep people at the center of their customer experience strategy.

Together, we imagine the experiences of the future and create customer experiences to help them overcome the challenges.

Features and Benefits


Drive revenue growth and profitability by making it simpler and faster to sell complex products.


Improve efficiency by automating
the quotation process and eliminating order errors.


Support your customers by enabling a cloud-based omnichannel experience for flexibility, speed and insight.

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