CPQ: the latest news on the subject

Today, we will talk about the latest trends and news about CPQ. The Configure, Price & Quote world is going through a period of continuous changes and developments, and we know the importance of keeping up with new trends and solutions. So, our idea is to provide you with useful and interesting information about CPQ:Read more

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Double interview

Double interview: let’s know Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini better

After Datalytic’s acquisition, Bit2win decided to do a double interview with Andrea Galbiati and Davide Feltoni Gurini, to give them the opportunity of telling something more about themselves and to deepen the specific reasons that led to this merging process. But let’s deal with the specifics and know better the two respondents.  Name and corporateRead more

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A new identity for Bit2win

“A new chapter for Bit2win is set to start.” This is how Andrea Galbiati, CEO and Founder of Bit2win, announced the company’s entry into the Gellify gellification program.” HOW WAS BIT2WIN BORN In 2012 New Energy Group, a system integrator operating in Italy and Spain, creates a vertical software product on the Saleforce platform. OverRead more

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The new Bit2win journey has begun.

The innovation platform GELLIFY and Bit2win, a SaaS solution that maximizes the sales process, acquire a majority stake in Bit2win itself from the global strategy and consulting company Accenture. The management buyout transaction will be functional to bit2win’s strategic and operational marketing processes and international go-to-market strategy, thanks to the ‘gellification’ program, GELLIFY’s proprietary model thatRead more

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Andrea Galbiati – CEO and Founder Bit2win – talks about what the 2021 goals are.

Andrea Galbiati – economist with 20 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Relationship Experience (CRX) – is the CEO and Founder of Bit2win. In this podcast, created in collaboration with Novus CPQ Consulting, Andrea talks about the foundation of Bit2win. The initial aim was to understand how to apply the CPQRead more

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