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Promotion Engine: a great ally to increase customer loyalty

Promotion Engine

Promotional marketing is a very important tool that, when used correctly, can increase sales and brand awareness. There are several promotional marketing strategies, but we’ll focus primarily on one: creating promotions that offer significant benefits to consumers. Simple promotions like creating coupons can be important benefits for users who tend to spend 46% more thanRead more

Discover the Bit2win Experience

Bit2win Experience

We are inclined to imagine change as a process to which we must adapt, almost without a choice. A slow path with quite a few obstacles for which, perhaps, we were not prepared. But could change be gradual and come with early warning signs? In reality, by the time we realize that something is evolving,Read more

Bit2win lands on Azure Microsoft Marketplace

bit2win on microsoft marketplace

Bit2win Omnichannel Sales Suite lands on the Azure Microsoft Marketplace. The Suite consists of three different solutions companies can manage separately and integrate with any CRM. A modular product to meet specific business needs and simplify processes, increasing sales and improving customer relationships with an all-in-one solution. Among Bit2win’s solutions there is a CPQ software,Read more

4 tips to manage Christmas Shopping in an efficient and innovative way

Christmas Shopping

Purchasing habits changed during the pandemic and have now become established among consumers. According to consumers’ purchasing behaviour forecasts, 21% of Italians will buy Christmas gifts online. Christmas Pulse research, carried out by Teads – The Global Media Platform, shows how new technologies changed the profile of Italian consumers: 21% of respondents choose digital asRead more

A new identity for Bit2win

“A new chapter for Bit2win is set to start.” This is how Andrea Galbiati, CEO and Founder of Bit2win, announced the company’s entry into the Gellify gellification program.” HOW WAS BIT2WIN BORN In 2012 New Energy Group, a system integrator operating in Italy and Spain, creates a vertical software product on the Saleforce platform. OverRead more

The new Bit2win journey has begun.

The innovation platform GELLIFY and Bit2win, a SaaS solution that maximizes the sales process, acquire a majority stake in Bit2win itself from the global strategy and consulting company Accenture. The management buyout transaction will be functional to bit2win’s strategic and operational marketing processes and international go-to-market strategy, thanks to the ‘gellification’ program, GELLIFY’s proprietary model thatRead more