The importance of API in guiding businesses towards digital transformation

Digital transformation had a crucial impact on information technology innovation. In fact, it pushed the modernization of IT, introducing new paradigms to manage and use its infrastructures.  In this scenario, we saw the birth and development of new business models. Among them, the first that deserves to be mentioned is the so-called “API economy”. Let’sRead more

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Digital selling strategies

How to meet buyers’ needs with new digital selling strategies

Customers’ needs and purchasing habits are constantly evolving, for this reason the B2B and B2C markets are redefining the sales logic with the aim of offering consumers continuous assistance but, at the same time, also options that users can use to proceed independently in the phases of the purchase process. The adoption of a unifiedRead more

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Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce: a useful guide to know and apply it to your business

WHAT DO WE MEAN BY “DIGITAL COMMERCE”? Before starting to discuss this topic, a premise is needed: digital commerce is not a synonym and should not be confused with e-commerce. We’ll better explain why later. We can define digital commerce as the process that gives customers the possibility of making purchases in complete autonomy, withRead more

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The new Bit2win journey has begun.

The innovation platform GELLIFY and Bit2win, a SaaS solution that maximizes the sales process, acquire a majority stake in Bit2win itself from the global strategy and consulting company Accenture. The management buyout transaction will be functional to bit2win’s strategic and operational marketing processes and international go-to-market strategy, thanks to the ‘gellification’ program, GELLIFY’s proprietary model thatRead more

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Andrea Galbiati – CEO and Founder Bit2win – talks about what the 2021 goals are.

Andrea Galbiati – economist with 20 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Relationship Experience (CRX) – is the CEO and Founder of Bit2win. In this podcast, created in collaboration with Novus CPQ Consulting, Andrea talks about the foundation of Bit2win. The initial aim was to understand how to apply the CPQRead more

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