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Promotion Engine

Promotion Engine: a great ally to increase customer loyalty

Promotional marketing is a very important tool that, when used correctly, can increase sales and brand awareness. There are several promotional marketing strategies, but we’ll focus primarily on one: creating promotions that offer significant benefits to consumers. Simple promotions like creating coupons can be important benefits for users who tend to spend 46% more thanRead more

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Bit2win acquires Datalytics

Bit2win acquires Datalytics, the technology company expert in Customer Engagement solutions

Bit2win goes through its first acquisition with the aim of enhancing proprietary resources and tools and expanding its Customer Engagement offer with innovative gamification solutions and an omnichannel customer experience. Bit2win merges its technological and professional skills with those of Datalytics, a company specialized in phygital solutions that involve customers with immersive Gamification and SocialRead more

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