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Retail Loyalty Programs: solutions and strategies to engage customers

Retail Loyalty Programs

With increasing competition, retail companies need tools and strategies to stand out in the market and gain the loyalty of their customers. In fact, people want to be involved and have a relationship with their favorite brand; the emotional aspect is more important than the economic one and consumers expect benefits in exchange for theirRead more

The importance of Loyalty Programs in the Fashion industry

Loyalty Programs in Fashion

According to Statista, the revenue of the global apparel market was calculated to amount to 1.53 trillion U.S. dollars in 2022.         We are talking about a sector dominated by giant companies in fierce competition. Their customers have higher expectations and are generally harder to win over. Let alone the fact thatRead more

Did you know that Loyalty Programs are the best strategy to retain Ratail customers?

Loyalty Program Retail

Customer retention today is the most important action a company can take, but also the most difficult one. Why? Because to retain customers today brands should prove they are not simple numbers, but persons with specific characteristics, preferences and needs.This demonstration is particularly complicated for Retail companies. Not because they are unable to implement it,Read more