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Staying Competitive in Retail: Why a CPQ can be your Game-Changer


In the fast-paced and highly competitive retail industry, staying ahead of the curve is crucial for success.But how to do it effectively?How to meet customer demands and increase profitability?As a retailer, you actually need powerful tools that streamline your sales processes and this is exactly where a CPQ solution comes into play.In this article, youRead more

Retail Loyalty Programs: solutions and strategies to engage customers

Retail Loyalty Programs

With increasing competition, retail companies need tools and strategies to stand out in the market and gain the loyalty of their customers. In fact, people want to be involved and have a relationship with their favorite brand; the emotional aspect is more important than the economic one and consumers expect benefits in exchange for theirRead more

How Artificial Intelligence is changing the Retail industry

Artificial intelligence in retail industry

When speaking of the retail industry, we have to consider the main goal of its companies: achieve profitability to stay competitive in the market. Certainly, this is becoming more and more difficult since customers have new and ever changing purchase habits and needs. But it doesn’t mean companies have to panic, they actually have aRead more