Social Wall

Social Wall for Valentine’s Day: the right solution to engage your customers

We’re almost there, next Monday is Valentine’s Day! We are all aware that the 14th of February is the day of celebrating love, but to trace the origins of this holiday we have to go back in time. In the 3rd century, Christian martyr Valentino from Terni gave a young lady the money she neededRead more

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customer engagement on new year's eve

How to engage customers on New Year’s eve: Bit2win for Bicocca Village

Customer Engagement solutions on New Year’s Eve are often exploited by companies, especially those belonging to the world of entertainment, to involve customers in a different way than usual.  In fact, not a few firms organize themed events that contribute not only to increase customer experience, but also to boost sales or brand awareness. AsRead more

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World Human Rights Day

World Human Rights Day: Bit2win and the 2020 Pride in Milan

Among Bit2win’s fundamental values and believes, integration and equality stand out. This is why today we want to celebrate World Human Rights Day together,  recalling a case study we are particularly fond of. Every year on December 10th, the Human Rights Day is celebrated all around the world. The specific date was chosen to recall theRead more

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Customer Engagement and Customer Satisfaction

What is the difference between Customer Engagement and Customer Satisfaction?

Research conducted on the listening tool “Answer The Public” confirms the users’ confusion when faced with these two topics. In fact, an explanation of the difference between Customer Engagement and Customer Satisfaction is among the most frequent Google searches.Customer Engagement and Customer Satisfaction are two concepts often used interchangeably in the marketing field, but theyRead more

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