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September 10, 2021

The new Bit2win journey has begun.

The innovation platform GELLIFY and Bit2win, a SaaS solution that maximizes the sales process, acquire a majority stake in Bit2win itself from the global strategy and consulting company Accenture.

The management buyout transaction will be functional to bit2win’s strategic and operational marketing processes and international go-to-market strategy, thanks to the ‘gellification’ program, GELLIFY’s proprietary model that impacts every function and process of the business while filling the gaps in the startup’s skillset.

Milano, 8 October 2020 – Bit2win, Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for order management and sales maximization for corporate companies, has entered the portfolio of GELLIFY, a global B2B innovation platform that selects, invests in and grows innovative high-tech startups and connects them to traditional companies to innovate their processes, products and business models.

Bit2win was born in 2012 as a vertical software product on the Salesforce platform thanks to the strategic choice taken by the founders of New Energy Group – a company operating in Italy and Spain – to invest in and leverage an asset, resulting from over 10 years of experience in cloud CRM and Digital Transformation. Bit2win has become a Configure Price and Quote (CPQ) innovative and exclusively SaaS product that has allowed the Group to assert its leadership in its reference market, and on the Salesforce platform.

In 2016 New Energy Group and Bit2win have been acquired by Accenture Technology and merged by incorporation in 2018, increasing and expanding the multinational’s offering based on cloud solutions as enabling platforms for digital transformation.

Andrea Galbiati and Michele Mangafà, who founded and led Bit2win since its conception, will lead the company in the next phase of its life. The founders have had the opportunity, while inside Accenture, to grow the CPQ software product to high levels of scalability, feature offering and international reach, making it a technological excellence with prestigious references.

Andrea Galbiati, economist with 20 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Customer Relationship Experience (CRX), is the CEO of the company and Michele Mangafà, electronic engineer in charge of R&D, is the CTO (Chief Technology Officer).

Accenture Bit2win Sales (now Bit2win), is one of the leading providers acknowledged by Gartner Peer Insights in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 editions of “Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites” within Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and was included in the 2018 and 2019 editions of “Critical Capabilities for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites” report by Gartner.

In addition, IDC – an international IT market research firm – ranked the vendor in the Major Players category inside the report “IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Configure Price Quote Applications for Commerce 2020 Vendor Assessment”.

GELLIFY, which is already Accenture’s partner on innovation projects and investments in B2B software startups and scaleups, has been chosen as the key player in its management buyout transaction, and will provide not only smart money but also the necessary know-how for the scaling program of bit2win. Thus, Bit2win enters the ‘gellification’ program, GELLIFY’s proprietary model that, in a 6-24 month period, impacts every function and process of the business while filling the gaps in the startup’s skillset.

GELLIFY will support Bit2win’s strategic and operational marketing processes and its international go-to-market strategy.

Accenture, which will remain investor in the company with a minority stake, will work alongside GELLIFY as a strategic partner growing the scale-up through its network.

Thanks to its new financial resources in combination with the expertise of the innovation platform GELLIFY, Bit2win has set two clear goals for itself: on one hand it will relaunch the product with industry specific capabilities, on the other hand it will relaunch the brand, both locally and internationally.

The platform has already been adopted by several multinational players in the utility, telecommunications and industrial sectors and has the ambition to become market leader in more than one vertical of the Configure Price Quote (CPQ) Applications, also thanks to its presence in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant.

This goal is not so far to be achieved since Bit2win’s B2B technological solution already counts more than thirty large enterprise customers across Europe (Italy, Spain, Germany) and Latin America and its system supports digitally over 70 millions of users worldwide.

“The Gellification program will be aimed at supporting Bit2win’s founders in their global go-to-market strategy, which is, by the way, a key component of GELLIFY’s mission. – says Fabio Nalucci, CEO and Founder of GELLIFY – We’re also working together to define the fundraising strategy and implementation by leveraging GELLIFY’s network of international VCs.”

“A new chapter for Bit2win is set to start. – says Andrea Galbiati, CEO and Founder of Bit2win – The entry into GELLIFY’s portfolio represents a new strategic path that will lead the company to a significant growth on the international markets with a new open innovation vision”.

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