WhatsApp Enterprise to connect brand and customers

October 18, 2022

WhatsApp Enterprise: the Bit2win solution that connects brands and customers

WhatsApp Enterprise

Whatsapp Enterprise is the Bit2win solution that many Italian and international brands already use. It offers an engaging, interactive and personalized experience between company and customers. Brands can quickly connect with consumers in a simple and personal way, answering their requests, providing assistance, promoting and selling products, and sharing contests. The goal? Increasing engagement, loyalty and customer satisfaction.


According to new customers’ needs and the latest market research, WhatsApp is the instant messaging app with the greatest potential in accelerating the transition towards digital sales and customer care service, also due to its spread. In Italy alone, 30 million users have installed the app on their smartphone, with interesting data about its use:

77% of users keep notifications active for messages on the app.

95% of users access and view messages on the app every day.

53% of consumers are more likely to buy from brands that communicate via chat.

Bit2win is the official provider of WhatsApp Enterprise, the version that overcomes all the limits of the previous versions (Consumer and Business) and uses APIs for a more efficient service.

With WhatsApp Enterprise you can get a verified number, but also a back-end platform, which allows you to manage all inbound contacts through chatbots and different human operators, communicating in a many-to-many ways.

Forget all the limits in communication and stay in touch with your customers by promptly responding to their needs!

  • AUTOMATION: With built-in geolocation capabilities, you can sort all incoming chats by point of sale and connect your customers.

  • OUTBOUND NOTIFICATIONS: Automatically send personalized offers and promotions.

  • LARGE-SCALE PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS: share new promotions and discounts with your customers and get in touch with them in no time. (e.g. week promotion or free shipping).

  • UNIQUE VERIFIED NUMBER: get a verified WhatsApp number linked to your business, to which all stores and personal shoppers can be linked.

  • PERSONAL SHOPPER: offer your customers a personalized experience built around their tastes and needs.

  • INSTANT WIN COMPETITION: launch Instant Win contests and share them with your customers via WhatsApp to offer benefits and increase their loyalty.

  • PERSONALIZATION AND SETUP: offer support through human operators or chatbots to increase customer satisfaction.

These features make the Enterprise version the most suitable for an app usage that really revolutionizes sales and gives consumers a new shopping experience.


What are you waiting for?

Engage with your clients on Whatsapp Enterprise, their preferred channel of communication across all demographics!


Instant messaging is an online communication method used to connect two or more people in real time. The main features are synchrony, informality, speed and simplicity of language and content.

Many people consider instant messaging as a means of sending direct messages but, in recent years, its application has expanded and includes numerous communication features. It is not only limited to a personal use, but it also extends to business environments with the aim of directing the customer in their purchase path and increasing sales.

of companies use instant messaging apps
of companies will adopt
them in the future

(United States, Zendesk)

Just imagine how much a personalized message that comes directly to your phone can affect your purchase. And all simply with a link to brand products similar to those we have already purchased.

This creates a bond between customer and company, consolidating the relationship between the two. Through instant messaging tools sellers can send exclusive offers or interesting content to their customers, demonstrating that they have solutions to their specific needs. In addition, a messaging platform that supports custom payment methods gives shoppers the opportunity to use their favorite options to complete transactions quickly.


WhatsApp Enterprise for Libraccio

The brand introduced the automatic chatbot function, which allows users to quickly and easily receive information about Libraccio shops: opening hours, availability of books at points of sale, how to sell used books and much more. Writing to the WhatsApp brand number, the consumer will activate an automatic chat that will allow them to choose the nearest library by writing the ZIP code or sending their location. All this is possible thanks to the integration of WhatsApp Enterprise with Google Maps and Google My Business. Once the library has been chosen, the user can indicate what type of information they want to receive. They can receive information either in the chatbot or speaking directly with a human operator.

We believe providing a continuous support service to our customers is crucial to make them feel like they are our main concern and to answer their needs. In Bit2win we found a solid and reliable partner to work with to build and develop our customer experience service, WhatsApp Libraccio, with the goal of connecting readers to all the brands' shops.Our fruitful cooperation continues day by day to ensure the proper functioning of the service and its improvement process.

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