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December 10, 2021

World Human Rights Day: Bit2win and the 2020 Pride in Milan

World Human Rights Day

Among Bit2win’s fundamental values and believes, integration and equality stand out. This is why today we want to celebrate World Human Rights Day together,  recalling a case study we are particularly fond of.

Every year on December 10th, the Human Rights Day is celebrated all around the world. The specific date was chosen to recall the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which took place on December 10th, 1948 by the General Assembly of the United Nations.  
The document highlights, in 30 articles, every human being’s fundamental rights and today still represents an important source of inspiration to affirm the principle of non-discrimination. This principle applies to all individuals whose freedom is denied “because of race, colour, sex, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, property, birth or other status”, as stated in Article 2.


Pulsee, an Italian energy company controlled by the Axpo Group, is a 100% digital firm that offers, in the utility sector, the supply of light and gas, giving its users the possibility of managing everything online.
This strong penchant for the digital world and its closeness to the theme of personal freedom, have led PULSEE to become one of 2020 Milano Pride official sponsors. The will of the company was in fact to organize a digital version of the typical parade, respecting the restrictions imposed due to Covid-19.           
Thus, Bit2win offered PULSEE the opportunity of involving users through a Digital Parade held in Milan on June 27th, 2020. Bitw2in also worked with Urban Vision, one of the main Italian players in the Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) sector, who made available its maxi-screens located on the main streets in Milan. There the company shared the user generated contents, making the participants the real event’s star.


In order not to give up the celebrations of Gay Pride, the brand PULSEE invited users to take part to the digital parade through a really simple process:   

The user takes a photo or records a video using the Pulsee Instagram filter, specifically created for the occasion;

The user publishes the content as an Instagram Story with the campaign hashtag #EnergiaDiTuttiIColori and the brand mention;

Once shared the Story, the user receives an automatic message that invites them to accept Pulsee’s policies for live viewing - in compliance with European regulations within the GDPR - on the touch points in the streets of Milan;

In case of positive feedback, the content is uploaded to the social wall transmitted by the city ledwalls.

The brand also decided to place a QRCode under the main ledwalls for greater users’ engagement. The code, when framed, allows users to follow the digital parade live streaming.


Thanks to Customer Engagement and Data Visualization tools powered by Bit2win, PULSEE social campaign for 2020 Milano Pride multiplied its Opportunities To See (OTS), with real-time visualization of the Stories shared with the campaign hashtag.      
In addition, the dynamic graphics adapted according to the touch points’ specific resolution powered by Urban Vision allowed a completely customized and more engaging experience.   
The digital solution received a high participation rate, with excellent results in terms of user engagement, live experience and UGC Increase.

Therefore, with Bit2win technology interactive advertising is also outdoor.             
Brands have the possibility of engaging users starting from social engagement and then arriving to an external live display of their content. In this way an increase in virality and awareness and, consequently, an ongoing production of new contents is ensured.

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